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Lillian Wang and the Magic Window Update #2

By @Jontheboy

Chapter TWO: Disbelief

I like candy, but I don’t want the world made of it.

I looked out of the window and the first thing I saw was a chocolate rabbit.

I fell over.

Well, you can’t blame me for falling over in surprise. What would you do if you discovered your backyard was made of candy?

In a rush, I sprinted down the stairs, not watching where I was putting my feet. The moment I’d reached the bottom of the stairs, I exclaimed, “Mom! Dad! There’s a candy-land outside!”

My mom looked up from sorting the kitchen dishes. “Lily, you’ve finished unpacking?” she asked. “Good, because your bigger sister needs help finding her laptop.”

My dad straightened up from taking books out of a box. “That’s right,” he said. “If Ella doesn’t find that laptop soon, she’ll run all the way back to the old house to check.”

I ignored what they said. “Did you hear me?” I asked. “There’s a–”

Then, suddenly, my bigger sister, Donatella, rushed into the room. “I still can’t find it!” she said, her hair messed-up and sweat beading her forehead. Her socks were looking battered, and I knew that she’d run around in them.

I raised my voice. “Hello!” I half-yelled. “There’s a world made of candy outside my window!”

Silence followed my words. My parents and Donatella stared at me as if I were crazy.

“A world made of candy?” Donatella scoffed. “Pssh. Lily, stop joking.”

“I’m not joking!” I said angrily at her. “Come see for yourself!”

Looking slightly surprised, Donatella walked with me up the stairs and into my new room.

The candy-land was still there.

“See! Look!” I exclaimed, pointing at the world outside. I led my sister right in front of the window. “Do you believe me now?”

But Donatella looked even more confused. “Lily, I don’t see any candy,” she said, confused. “I just see the regular backyard outside.”

I looked hard into her face. She was saying the truth; there was no joking in her eyes.

“But…” I tried hard to think. “Why can I only see it?”

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