By @Snake-of-Eden


By @Snake-of-Eden

These lyrics came to me while in the car.

Chapter 1

A sonnet for Anaesthesia.

They said that time would heal,

but time only scars.

While reminders always remain.

Where is lignocaine?

Pull the skin back two,

Cauterise the bleeds.

Suture so that time can’t scar.

Debribe my wounds and hear my pleas.

Lignocaine for a reprieve,

a jab for some relief.

Give me lignocaine to

join me in my grief. Please.

Take away the sensation.

Where’s my motivation?

I’ll give you all year years of pain

if you’ll just give me lignocaine!

Where time claims to work miracles,

Only brittle tissue remains.

Numb to joy and numb to pleasure.

Take away the pressure. Lignocaine!

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