Lights Out

By @MikeGreo
Lights Out

Benjamin is working late in the office.

Chapter 1

In the Dark

Ben, had to work late after his boss yelled at him again. He was determined to finish his task instead of giving up. It was almost 11pm when he left the office. It felt eerily quiet as he stepped out onto the street as he headed to the tube station. Once he arrived at the tube station he realised that he had forgotten his wallet in the office, so he headed back. The area that he worked felt safe during the day, but at this hour, it was a different matter. He wanted to get his wallet and get home as quickly as possible. He used his fob key to enter the building and walk up the stairs. As he arrived to the 3rd floor where he worked, to his surprise the lights was turned off and he was sure he left them on as is the policy in the company. Moreover the lights could not be turned on, so it seemed the circuit breaker must have flipped. But why? Did somebody turn it off? Did somebody in the building cause this? This made Benjamin very anxious as he felt there was somebody in the office. He found his way to his desk using his phone to light the way and spotted his wallet laying on the table. As soon as he picked it up, he heard a loud banging coming from the office kitchen. This without a doubt was a bad sign and with his heart beating very fast, he immediately run to the exit. But as he arrived to the door, the exit button which would spring the door open was not working! At this very moment he felt an extreme silence, like the room became more silent if that was even possible. And then he felt a presence right behind him. He didn’t know, how or why he felt there was a presence behind him, but he knew something was behind him. He slowly started to turn around hoping that he would not see anything and just as he began to move, he HEARD a voice SPEAK! A TERRIFYING VOICE and it said “DON’T TURN AROUND IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! MY MERE SIGHT WILL KILL YOU!” Ben’s heart was pounding so hard and fast it felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. His knees were shaking uncontrollably, he felt he was on the verge of passing out from the fear. Ben felt stuck there. Unable to open the door, and unable to turn around and face this “Voice”. It felt like he was standing there for an hour, when it had only been a few minutes. He attempted to turn again and it HOWLED “DO NOT TURN!!!” As IT said this, Ben felt his ears and they were bleeding! Ben screamed! “WHAT DO YOU WANT?!” and he noticed that he could not hear his own voice, but he was sure he spoke. Nonetheless, the VOICE behind him responded. It said: “I want us to trade places…” Whatever this Entity meant, it did not feel like a good idea. What would this mean? He was too afraid to ask, but felt compelled to do so.

Ben said: “What does that mean?”

The Entity replied: “I will enter into your world, and you will enter into mine forever”.

Ben thought of the terrible world from which this entity had come from and just the thought of it made him **** his pants.

The Entity continued to speak, and as it did more blood would come out of Ben’s ears. “You do not value your life here! You take your life for granted. You are unhappy to be alive. So I will grant you your wish and end it for you!”

Ben felt like he couldn’t take it anymore. His ears were bleeding very badly, and the power of this entity terrified him. Upon hearing these words, he realized that he did not want to leave this world behind and wanted to live. In a defiant manner he turned to SEE his tormentor and he DARED to turn around to look at this Entity in the face. As he turned around, he saw IT! And felt utter TERROR! His eyes immediately started gushing with blood until he could no longer see! He felt himself losing his vision as he became blind and was lost in further darkness.

The Entity spoke again: “Now you are deaf and blind. I have taken your ears and your eyes. I am already entering your world and you are entering mine. And I shall take your life and enter into this realm”. Ben fell to the ground and started crying hysterically, his tears united with the blood gushing from his eyes and the Entity just looked at him and started laughing haughtily. Ben began to beg for his life, asking the Entity to allow him to live.

The Entity continued saying: “Now we shall complete the process and trade places forever. Once we occupy the same space, you will be transported in to my realm forever!”

Ben, implored the entity to not do this. As he lay on the floor, deaf and blind, not even hearing his own voice, he asked the Entity, that there must be some good in this creature, for why it had warned him not to turn if it was going to make him blind. Why would it care?

Ben also wondered, how was he able to hear the Entity speaking to him but not his own voice since he was deaf. The answer was strange yet simple, the Entity was communicating to him telepathically.

The Entity responded: “I feed on mortal’s fears. Keeping you in a prolonged state of fear, petrified and staring at the door, I was already consuming you as the blood from your ears can attest.”

After the Entity said these words it approached Benjamin closer and closer, with Ben writhing on the floor in agony and as the Entity took over Benjamin’s body, the writhing stopped. It appears Ben was no longer alive, as this shadowy entity merged with Ben.

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