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Lightless Fluorescence

By @Nisu

Chapter 2: Threats

* * * *

 ‘What have I gotten myself into?’ I thought to myself. I just stood there starring at Slender and I was filled with the highest form of curiosity now… why hasn’t this creature tried to kill me yet? He seems the type that would have by now so why didn’t he? I suppose I would have to wait and find out soon enough. Yet just then interrupting my thoughts Slender grabs my right shoulder and looks down at me with an emotionless expression.

Slender: ” Child… I can assure you, you are not here for no reason but if it will ease you conscious I will give you a choice.”

Me: ” A choice?”

Slender: “If you come with me and serve me as an apprentice, then I will promise you a sanctuary from those that you yet do not understand. But if you deny this, you are to be on your own and never return to this place again, and I will have you killed for trespassing on my land… “

Me: “…”

Slender: “Well? What will it be?”

  I think for a moment… it would be foolish to deny an offer like that, and by the looks of things I think I would rather make allies then making enemies. It was just common sense. still, the thought occurred to me that this could go south in many ways. I suppose I’ll just have to make sure that it won’t. So with that, I look up at the tall faceless man.

Me: ” I seek sanctuary…”

Slender: ” Very well then, come with me.”

  I nod “yes” to him, while he shows me into the mansion. The two of us walk through the large front door that leads into a living room. three male figures were sitting down on the couch all were watching some sort of horror film. One of them with raven black hair looked toward Slender and me to see who just walked in. My eyes open up with shock and I stood there in silence. The face of the man was paler than snow, he never blinked once he had no eyelids from what I could tell in the dimly lit room. but the one thing that stuck in my mind was that smile… that terrifying smile that spread from cheek to cheek. It was very difficult to tell if he was starring at me or Slenderman… that was until Slender started talking aloud so all of the guys that were on the couch could hear him.

Slender: ” Boys if I may have your attention please!” All of them look directly at Slender.” We have a new proxy that will be joining us. This is-…Oh, my dear, I’m afraid I never caught your name, what is it? “

Me: “Nisu…”_ I say it loud enough for all of them to hear me. At that moment all three of the male figures stand up and walk over towards where Slender and I were standing. The grinning man, a black hooded figure with a blue mask that had some kind of black tar-ish liquid oozing from his eye sockets, and the last one… He wore a light brown trench coat, a jet black undershirt, dark blue jeans, and some black steel-toed boots… the last one that I saw caught my eye… When I looked at him in the eyes I’d seen that his eyes were way different than to the normal eyes that I’d seen through my lifetime. His Iris was a dark blood red type and all that surrounded it was a pitch-black, yet it glimmered in the very dim lighted room. His dark brown hair was slanted to the left side of his face and it was partially messy. I blush slightly at the sight of him. Soon his eyes met mine I avoid the contact. only then to hear Slender trying to get my attention long enough for him to introduce me to the three guys that stood in front of me.

Slender: “Nisu. This is Jeffery, Jack, and Retnuh. “

Jeff: “It’s JEFF… If you call me Jeffry I’ll ******* bury you….”– The man corrected Slender but looking directly into my soul. While welding a sharp knife in his right hand–

Jack: ” Just call me E.J… It makes things easier when you come to find out that there is more than one Jack In this hell hole….”

Me: “I understand…” Nodding in agreement at him then looking over to Retnuh expecting him to say something as well but he just stood there with a smug yet attractive grin, he even chucked at me at some point… I couldn’t help but feel as if, there was something more to him than he was letting on.

Slender: “Retnuh, would you kindly show Nisu to her new quarters?”

Retnuh:” Yeah, sure thing boss. Well then you heard him, new girl, follow me then.”

   And I did. The two of us start walking towards a hallway that leads into a flight of stairs, that lead into another hallway that was filled with closed doors that lead to different rooms. I linger behind him as a nervous wreck, I had the most unsettling feeling that something was about to happen, but I was wrong. The two of us make it to a door at the far side from the stairs.

Retnuh: ” Well, this is it, sweetheart. Make yourself at home. The Bathroom for this floor is at the other end of the hallway if you need to go take a shower or something. If you need anything I’m right next door to you so don’t be afraid to talk to me. Okay?”

Me: “Sure… I will if I have to…”

Retnuh: “Aw common don’t be so tense!” he’d said to me trying to lighten up the mood a little bit. In which he was successful. I laugh at him bashfully…

Me: ” Heheh… Yeah, sure I’ll try not to.” –I smile at him– 

Retnuh: “All right then, well, I have to go for right now. So don’t mind my need to leave, I have some things to take care of okay? I’ll talk to you later.” He starts towards the stairs and gives me a friendly wave towards me. 

Me: ” Bye!” I replied to him.

* * * *

  I now stand in my room gazing at the dark gray surroundings, My bed was premade for me and I had only one window that leads to the outside world. I walked around investigating every four corners of the room. Well, he said to make myself comfortable so I did. Only then to commence my own personal set up of my new room. I was gonna be here for a while so why not make it my own?

   So, I light up the room, I summon a few ice light crystals and spread them to different locations of my room they mainly hung in the four corners of the room, adding a slight hint of light to keep me from the complete darkness. That was all for just right now. I would add on more to this later… But for now. I think it was safe to say that sleep should be a priority. today has been too much for me, as much as I was used to chaos in my life, Today has been by far the craziest…

    With that, I Walk to my bed and get under the covers. The embrace of the warm blankets capturing me, soothing the pain that I felt and loosened up my tense well being. My eyes soon grew heavy and into the void of my mind, I went… 

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