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Lightless Fluorescence

By @Nisu

Chapter 1: The voices other than Mine

* * * *

Running. Running through what seemed like a never-ending pathway of darkness. I was desperately trying to get away from the ones that drove me to the madness that I would find myself to be now and forever trapped in. Adrenaline kicking and scratching through my veins,

my heart rate was moving faster than I ever thought could be imagined. No, I dared not stop for anyone or anything. Nothing would stop me from fulfilling my desire to get away from them…

My brothers…

  They’d finally wanted to get rid of me for good. they hated me they hated my difference between them and me.

I never fit in with them and now they just wanted me dead. They wanted to destroy me for what I was and what I would always be forever onward. 

…A Blueblood Syren… For it was only a moment when I remembered the times that the four of us spent together when we were younger children. Before they found out about me, before they hated me, and before our parents deaths. Those memories only triggered the inner fire of anger deep within my chest. The pain burned through the bitter, freezing winter winds. The temperature only worsened my ability to keep a steady speed up to par. I can’t let them get me, I can’t let them get me!’ I repeatedly thought to myself striving onward through the dark forest that I was currently running through. I could no longer hear their hateful threats anymore. Did I finally lose them? I couldn’t find the strength to look back so I just keep my speed up to par.

 * * * *

 The hours pass and I finally convinced my self that they were gone. But I couldn’t risk being out in the open like this. It was just too risky. so as I walk through this seemingly endless void of woodland surrounding I desperately try to find a source of shelter… I would go on for hours and nothing I felt like I was just walking in endless circles… Until finally, I find what seemed to be an abandoned mansion. I step up to the door awaiting an obscure turn of events that I would soon face.

  As soon as I lift my hand to the door handle, I begin to feel a strong powerful presence seep into the dark parts of my mind, in which I realized that something was wrong. I let go of the handle imminently and with my better judgment I turn back I start back towards the forest until I heard a voice come from behind me I was hesitant to look back but when the voice spoke to me I couldn’t help but look. ” That was a wise decision, stranger… most would have just barged into one’s home, but you didn’t… you refused your curious temptation, hence I am impressed.” The voice explained, the voice was stern and blunt, yet he sounded like a sophisticated male tone. I turn back to gaze at the figure and I just stood there in awe… I had no feeling of fear I felt no urge to run I just wanted to hug them for no apparent reason…’ Forgive my insignificance to you but What are you?… You fascinate me….’ I thought to myself.

  When I turned around I saw a man, he was a snowy white complexioned man, this man was over 8ft tall and had no face, he wore a black suit and tie and about four tunicles gracefully flailed from his lower back. He was so majestic in a way that amazed me. ” I’m flattered child, most would be cowering in my presents, But you are different… Yet to answer your question I, am Slenderman, I am a supernatural being…and this is my mansion.” He said directing my attention to his mansion. Only then he walked closer and kneeling to my level. it was like he read my mind… I was speechless. What have I gotten myself into?

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