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Life Will Out.

By @Snake-of-Eden

A Poem.

A question for all who are deep speculators.

A question for all who remain life’s spectators.

A question to get the mental cogs wiring,

and get all dear readers umming and erring.

A question to ask all those great teachers,

all those mentors, guides and preachers.

To empower and to inspire,

and share truths and knowledge from all those we admire.

To enquire my dearest as to a fantastical notion.

Would your’s truly dare take such a potion.

as to render your narrator truly un-aged

Unscathed by this lifetime in which I’m engaged.

Immortality be so revered beyond definition

yet so fleeting be our lives ney be the human condition.

Would not one life eternal be highly sought.

or would it be an unholy reviled thought?

Should humanity ever reach the goal of the few,

of life ad eternem, would that be humanities cue,

to seek such pursuits and pack it in.

Immortality be cast in the black light of sin.

For life of fractal infinity dealt he many a wound,

being loved ones grown old and thy being marooned.

While one lives on others fall to deaths veil,

becoming mere memories, dusty and frail.

I pose again that question readers of this work,

would immortality become a life with many an irk?

For each person held dear is a guaranteed love lost.

and each year on year becomes ever more of a cost.

Wound it then be of far greater gain,

to savour this one life, than risk infinite pain?

Wherever be your treasure, there be also your heart.

so make life work for you right from the start.

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