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Life of a Blade

By @headshotrlz

Cerise is all there is. A deep, dark red surrounds me. A warm, salty liquid gushes around me. All of a sudden, the scarlet disappears from my surroundings, a flash of blinding colors hits me, and finally, there is nothing; it’s all gone. I wake up eventually, there is more red. This time when I leave the scarlet place, I can see more. There is a light blue sky, and off into the distance there is a blindingly bright object. While I stare at the object my consciousness fades once more. A short time later, I am back in my dark place, but again, only for a short time. I look forward to seeing more colors, other than this crimson ooze I am being subjected to. Next thing I know, I am flying through the air again, and back in that place again. This time though, it’s different. I feel something go into me, as I leave and enter the place over and over again, I start to enjoy the feeling. The feeling of power. 

As time goes on, I start to feel more things, like my body striking something hard repeatedly, before going to my favorite place once more. Eventually after a long time had passed completely, I realized something large was holding me, controlling me. Eventually, I went a long time without going to my mysterious, tenebrous place. I started craving it more and more, and finally I get into the place, but this time I don’t leave it. I stay in it, until there is no more energy flowing into me. When I feel the energy start to stop flowing, I resist. I started trying to pull the energy into me. While it worked I felt something awaken inside of me, I can feel everything around me, sense what is happening. This thing however, started to dictate my thoughts. While it made me stronger, it also made me crave more and more energy. Eventually, I got picked up off the ground by a soft blob, who swung me around, making me crash into another one of my kind, before I go into a different soft blob. Then it hit me, the soft blobs surrounding me, provide the energy I have been craving. After realizing this, I finally gave in, I gave in to the animal that had grown inside me.

After a long time, the thing that was holding me fell down, and I was left in the ground. Half buried by a weird, new substance, I was forgotten. It was there where I slept, cultivating the energy that I had received. I laid there for a very long time, sinking deeper and deeper into the ground, until eventually it I stopped. After I refined the energy, I started to sink into a dormant state, Sinking into the void, my thoughts started to fade into the void. Nothingness, everything comes from nothingness, and in the end, everything goes back to nothingness.

I woke up later, the first word that popped into my mind was hot. I was hot, red, burning energy surrounded me. I had woken due to a sudden influx of energy, which seemed to come from the fleshy man in front of me. He picked me up from the burning-hot place, and started to fold me in half by hitting me with a hammer. He repeated this process over and over again, for many weeks. Eventually, he seemed satisfied, and started to hit me with the hard object again, but this time, he hit me in a way that shaped into something new. While he was hitting me he would make these weird noises. Sometime later, when I seemed to be a shape that he liked, he attached things to me, and started rubbing part of me off. The strange thing was, it was only on one side.

Every now and then, the creature would talk to others of its kind. They all seemed to make and understand these weird noises. One day, a smaller creature was brought in, they communicated in the same strange way once more, but his time the large one would gesture to different things while making these noises, and through these gestures, I started to understand these noises. They would do this often enough I could understand enough of their language to make sense of what they were saying. A few days later, a man where shiny ornate armor walked in and pointed at me, he said a few words which I didn’t understand, but it sounded like he was asking if I was his. The blacksmith, as he is apparently called, nodded his head, and picked me up and handed me to him. He called me a yanmaodao, and then said my name was Xin Yue. I was then strapped to the “general’s” side. After this, we left the sword together, and he wiped me, and covered me in this weird slick fluid, and put me in a long thin tube to hold me.

After we left, we went to a place that seemed very familiar to me. After thinking for a bit, it hit me, this was the place where I had awakened for the first time. While in my stupor, I hadn’t realized I had been drawn out of the tube, and was currently flying towards another one of my kind yet again. except this time, he had the same aura as me. However, his aura was stronger. We flew at each other hundreds of times, eventually I missed the other sword, and flew into the other human. Through his armor I went sucking the energy from both him and his blade to strengthen my self. The cracks that had occurred on me due to the intense fight were all healed. Right after I was pulled it, there was another person, who I had seen on a tapestry in the blacksmiths shop. He was wearing a crown on top of his head, embedded with shiny, colorful stones. He pulled out a sword with a righteous, intimidating aura emanating from it. Next thing I know, I’m flying towards this sword, when I collided with it, cracks went down my spine. With each hit I took, more and more cracks appeared, until eventually, I snapped. I was flying through the air once more, except this time, I wasn’t going into a human, the other sword was going into my human. The last image I saw was the death of the only human who wielded me. As I stared at the blood leaking out of him, everything faded, going back to the nothing from which I originated from.

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