Life is an Adventure

By @Rose420
Life is an Adventure

this is a fantasy story with a girl trying to figure out life all while things start getting weird

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Chapter 1

Life Decisions

I felt it inside my mind, controlling my body, my words, my actions. Desperately, I fought back against it, clinging to the shred of consciousness I could still access. Things began to change, I looked at my hands and my fingertips stretched to the other side of the room. My vision became distorted everything became brighter, things looked as if they were moving like a crashing wave. I heard a small voice in my head talk to me, I couldn’t make out what it said but I heard it. Faint and small like a child. I put the small voice in the back of my head, when I realized I was in a room full of people who I had no Idea who they were. Did I know them? Do they know me? I look around and see a girl with red hair and glasses then two boys both tall with dark hair one had glasses the other didn’t. They seem to all be staring at the same bright blue sparkly flower.. I hear it again the voice that was inside my mind, this time I could make out that it was a little kid voice. I looked around to see if the others heard it no one seemed to hear it. I then stood up, I felt dizzy my head began to spin tunnel vision started to kick in. I took one step and things began to change again. I became smaller those around me were no longer there anymore. I began to panic, I heard the small child in my head again this time I heard what she said. ” Go where the colorful plants sleep.” Where the **** is that? colorful plants?! What does that even mean? Not to mention I have no ******* clue where I am because I was the size of an ant. I began to walk and repeat what the voice said in my mind. When finally got out of my own head I realized I was suddenly outside. I looked up at the night sky with the moon seemed bigger than usual, maybe it was because I was so tiny. The stars began to dance, the stars got closer and closer until they were swirling around me and I was dancing with them. Spinning around with out a care in the world. Music began to play, it sounded like old time fairy music the kind you would hear at a medieval fair. I kept dancing, next thing I know I was laying in a flower bed. wait a flower bed that must have been where the voice in my head was trying to get me to. it makes since ” Go where the colored plants sleep.” Laying there with the cool wind in my face, I noticed three roses one red, one blue, and the last a deep purple. ” psst… psst.. Hey you down there.” I sat up to see the red flower talking to me. I rubbed my eyes making sure this was real life, that when I heard the red flower laugh. I stood up so I could see her better.

“y- y- yea?” I asked.

” Do you mind if I asked you a question?” the giant red rose asked me. I stood there in shocked wanting to answer but words weren’t coming out of my mouth.

“You okay there?” I finally was able to answer the red rose after I gather my thoughts.

” oh, sorry you just scared me.”

” A sweet flower like me scared you?”

” Um, yeah flowers don’t usually talk”

” Anyways back to that question I was wanting to ask, since you rudely didn’t answer me.” This was one snippy rose. I rolled my eyes and ignored the fact she was being the rude one.

” yeah sure.”

“Okay, so not to be too personal or anything but what is it like to not be rooted to the ground. To be able to explore see new things, go on adventures.” I looked at the rose that seemed to be welting a little bit. I don’t know if it was the question that was asked or that fact I could tell this flower was dying and never was able to do the things she wanted.

” uh. well I’m not exactly sure, honestly I do the same thing almost everyday so I feel kind of rooted in the same place never able to move forward in life.” My voice cracking as explains to a rose of all things that I felt stuck in life that everyday is the same boring thing over and over agin.

” What do you mean you’re the one stuck, I am literally a flower in the ground. Who can’t go anywhere.” There was a long pause as I tried to think of the words to say to the rose towering over me.

” I mean life isn’t that simple you just can’t go on adventures and have fun all the time.”

” Even so, you can still have adventure in your life, you can’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life was meant to be.. Don’t get stuck in the motions of life go do something with the life you were given.” As the rose was saying this she began to wilt with every word she spoke. ” Adventures are what helps you find where you belong, helps you discover yourself.” More and more the flower wilts her words are now faint and I can’t hear her. I start to cry and yell at the rose not to die that I want to talk to her more. That I had questions for her. My body started to feel like it was shaking. I had no control over the shaking I just felt like there was someone next to me pushing back over and over again. The flower then exploded into a burst of light that blinded me, my body still being pushed. When I can see again I see the girl with the red hair and glasses shaking me. I looked at her confused, were inside now. How did I get here? I am normal aging, these people are back.

“Jodi!” The girl looked at me and said my name, so she knows me so I must know her.

” Oh hey there sorry I must have zoned out or something” I am trying to regain control of my mind when I hear the little girl voice in my head again. ” go with her she will guide you on your adventure.” should I listen?

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