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Life As We Know It: The Answer

By @LilyRavenclaw

What is the real answer to any question? What question is not so utterly stupid and ingenious at the same time? When can humanity ever say we’ve learned enough? We’ve gone far enough? Everyday we are making new discoveries. New innovations. With science we tried to prove facts and theories, but can we really prove anything? Can we honestly understand anything so complex or painstakingly simple? All these raise more questions. And those will lead to more. And we end up with the question: Why do we exist? What will happen in life after death? Is life after death even probable? Is it a myth? Is there a higher power? Do we have anything even significant to live for? Is it all vanity?

I’ve heard some say we will never know. We will never have the answers. And many believe the lie that we have nothing to live for.

There is one treasure however. In all the earth and in all the universe there is one sure answer. An answer the people have searched for high and low and have overlooked. An answer that has sat simply in front of everyone for over 6,000 years. An obvious answer. So obvious that it’s almost inconspicuous.

The answer is full of purpose. It shows the way. It is sure and solid. It is not hard to understand.

A book.

An old book.

Within it’s pages it gives a single reason why a creature such as us exists. A human. We have one role. In the universe we have but one thing required of us. What is the answer? What is the purpose of life you ask?

Well I cannot give it to you just yet. The suspense is all too sweet.

We can compare first what humanity has given themselves. What is our role in life? What have we said is the reason that we are alive?

Some say it’s to live joyfully and affectionately. To share moments with your loved ones and to leave a legacy. If you do that you have succeeded. But why is this our purpose? Why do we need to live joyfully if nothing happens after we die? If we exist and then die and no longer exist than why do we exist in the first place? The reason that humanity has given itself is all too shallow. It doesn’t quite fit. The cup is half empty.

Some say that we are to do good. As much good as possible and later, when we die, we will be accepted into “heaven”. But who is to initiate and approve our job well done? And who is to say what a “job well done” is? What if we are never good enough? And what is “heaven”? It’s a risk that we have to take isn’t it? But the cup is still half empty. The pieces still don’t quite fit. Because, at the end of the day, to have that insecurity is to have insignificance. To have that tiny spot of doubt in the back of your mind, is to have an altogether aimless life once more. Life is vanity.

There is a word, breathed out by a powerful being. Many say it is foolishness to believe He exists but then, those same people hold the half empty cup. This former mentioned being gives us a purpose. He says there is life after death. He also says there is death after death. What would that be like? Death after death? And what would one have to do to qualify for such a mysterious and collectively horrifying concept? What would one have to do to qualify for life after death? An enticing fantasy? The answer to the first is very simple. NOTHING. If you desire to forsake the one purpose that you were created for, than in order to experience death after death you must do absolutely nothing. It’s easy. It’s simple. But that fate lasts forever. A torturous eternity. Once you die it’s locked forever. And forever is a very long time.

The answer to the second is simple but not as easy. In order to experience life after death you must accept and submit to your purpose. It’s not a tedious purpose. It’s not bad. Your purpose is to serve and glorify the being that gave you life in the first place. Some curse His name. Some say He is unfair. Some say he doesn’t exist. But if all those are true then we are back where we started, holding our half empty cup and searching for an answer.

He is called God. He created humans to pronounce His power and glory. This God is loving. This God confirms life after death in his word. He confirms creation. He confirms everything that is left to mystery in every other “purpose” that is given. The odd thing is that although he offers plainly what everyone is searching for, no one takes it. He offers love, eternal life and joy. A truly joyful life and all you have to do is worship Him and dedicate your life to serving Him.

This God knows that we can never be “good enough”, But by loving us He makes us good enough.

At last the answer is clear. The cup is finally filled. The gift of Joy and eternal life is waiting. Will you take it?

**Bible verses**

John 3:16-18, Isaiah 45:21-22, John 16:33, John 14:1-7, Psalm 86:13, Matthew 7:13-14, 1 Corinthians 1:18-31, Colossians 2:8

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