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Life as we know it

By @manell729

Questions so many questions answers so few true answers.

What is our true purpose ? Are the goals we set for ourselves all that realy happens ?

Is there anything more we are missing in life ? All these are valuable questions but there are many more.

As a fact there are many questions in life that are still unanswered. What realy happens after death ? Where do we go ?

There are many theories, but are any of them actualy true ? Are they just figments of our imagination? What we wish life would be like after death.

There are so many things that are said to be billions of years old but wouldnt using scientific means be a waist. What are we to determine the exact time things where

created. We are smart increasing in knowledge. We are gradually becoming advanced in ways we never dreamed, but do we really know ? Does everything we prove to be true end up being false some time in the future. Does any of the studies prove anything ? We have learned or as some people say it proved scientific laws to be true but is that all. Do we really have the power to grasp the simplest ideas and make them reality. Life is constantly changing one war to the next one break through to the next but in life is it all worth it ? A person spends all their life devoted to something but what is the work accomplishing eventually it will be dismissed as false understanding and they will be forgotten in history. No one is perfect and no one is better than the rest. But is the true meaning of everything nothing. Is life there just to enjoy and then be nothing for eternity ? So many questions that will never be answered correctly. Everyone will have their own theories own personal ideas to what the answers are but there is only one answer. One way one path one life one end and one beginning. What is it to you ? What do you “think” is the truth ? Are you right ? Will anyone have the right answer to any question ? Who knows one day we might have answers but it could go the other way we could just go on forever never knowing what the true purpose for life is. There is nothing we can do as we know it to fix this dilemma. We are not gods in some fairy tale that can do things amazing. We are people trying to live are lives the best as we know it. But is it the best way? It all ties down to one thing. What is the real answer to any question ?

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