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Life After Death

By @scorpios-

Meeting Death

The only thing Holly remembered was a loud crash, shouting and the feeling of complete and utter terror and desperation. However, all she could see right now was darkness and only darkness. Her breath was heavy. It had felt like she stopped breathing for a few moments. There was nothing there for her to touch, nothing there for her to see. For all she knew, her eyes could have been closed. On the contrary, when she reached out, her hands were plain as day and she could look down at her clothes which were, for some reason, torn and covered in blood. Holly could even feel something dripping down her forehead, something that smelled an awful lot like blood. Not only that, but she was dripping wet as if she had been sunk in water. 

Soon, the sudden idea dawned upon her. There was blood, there was darkness, and there was a weird kind of pain throbbing in her head. Am I… dead? Holly’s eyes widened as she curled her fingers in front of her. Couldn’t this be just a dream? .. But it feels so real… 

“It seems like you’ve finally realized,” 

Holly turned around immediately, causing her own hair to slap her in the face. A man stood in front of her clad in a black and white suit, the tailcoat of his blazer long. A black fedora stood atop his head and a knowing, mischeivious smile was plastered over his face. He was tall and was built slim. In a way, he seemed like a normal guy who seemed not a day older than twenty, but then there was his eyes, his red eyes. These blood eyes looked like they had seen everything. 

“Who are you?” Holly asked, beginning to back away. 

“I’m known by many names, my most affiliated being Death or the Grim Reaper,” the strange man said, staring down at Holly with a kind of amusement, “but you, my dear, may call me Raziel, a name I am most fond of,” 

Suddenly, the darkness faded into gold and lights flashed on. All the pain, all the blood completely vanished and she was left with dried clothes and hair. Holly looked around in awe with the beautiful room, but when she turned back to Raziel he was nowhere to be found. She turned her head side to side to look for him, but there was nothing. 

Well,” Raziel suddenly said from behind Holly which made her jump three feet in the air. She turned around to him only to find him sitting a spinning chair with a large book in his hands, “I see you are quite the saint, Holland Evony Williams. Since age five, you’ve been each teacher’s pet, your parents’ favorite child, and loved throughout your whole town. I hear that you even saved old Mrs. Jane’s cat from the tree and even though she scratched you all the way through her rescue, you cried for her death the very next day. You still have a scar on your shoulder,” 

Holly’s hand instinctively touched her shoulder. She’s never met this man before. How could he know that this happened to her? She never even showed the scar to him and the only people who knew about this was her family. He even knew her full name. 

“You’ll soon find out, Holly, that I know everything whether I want to or not,” Raziel said. He flipped a page in the folder. “Oh, wow, you lost your virginity at age sixteen. How old are you now? You’ll turn eighteen on July 7th which would have been only a one more month away,” 

“Would have been…?” 

Raziel glanced up at her. “It seems that you have not fully grasped the idea,” he let out a sigh, shutting the book tight. Slowly, he stood up fromt his chair and stared straight ahead, his blood eyes piercing her very soul. 

“I guess I have to tell you directly. You, Holland Evony Williams, are dead. It is currently June 15th, 2018 11:20. You’ve been dead since June 12th, 2018 at 5:38 PM due to your adoptive parents fighting in the car. There was a semi-truck in front of you guys and your father swerved a moment too late. You guys drove off the bridge and dropped into the water. While your parents lived, the doctors were unable to save you. To top it all off, unfortunately you are stuck with me,” Raziel said. 


“The reason you are stuck with me is very simple, yet it may take you some time to believe it,” Raziel continued, taking his hat off to reveal his black hair that he slicked back with gel. “Your blood is a mix of demon and angel just like my blood is which means that an angel and a demon got ***** one night and boom, we were made. There are others like us, but they will most likely suffer a fate much worse than just death,” 

“I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I… can’t be dead. I understand I got in a car accident, but… I was on my way home. How can I die just like that?” Holly let out a shaky breath and put both of her hands on each sides of her head. “The Grim Reaper? Demon and Angel blood? You must be out of your mind, must be out of my mind!” 

“You’re not out of your mind,”

“Oh, no, I am. I am most likely going crazy right now,” Holly chuckled. “My heart is beating right now. I’m probably in a hospital bed right now, I’m probably in a sleeping right now and this can all be just a dream. I can’t be dead. You’re just something my subconscious is imagining,” 

Without a warning, Raziel pulled a knife out of thin air and threw it at her, causing it to pierce through her heart. The knife clattered onto the floor behind Holly. A gasp escaped her lips and she fell to her knees, clutching the area she was stabbed as she coughed blood out. However, she couldn’t feel it, she couldn’t feel anything. There was no pain. Looking up at Raziel, she could feel the wound close up on both sides. 

“If you were sleeping, then that would have been enough of a shock for you to wake up, in a cold sweat, a heavy breath, and a loud heart. Then, you would spot your brother sleeping near the window and you would have let out a small laugh. Happy tears might have come out, too,” Raziel said, “but that’s never going to happen, because you died, Holly. Even now, they are still looking for your body,” 

Brick by brick, Holly’s shelter came crashing down. Beads of water trailed down her cheeks as she sobbed uncontrollably. Her cries echoed throughout the beautiful room and Raziel watched her as her forehead met the floor. His eyes held no emotion, only the knowing look of understanding that this would have happened. 

By the time she was done, an hour had already passed and she was curled up on the floor, a pool of tears near her face. “Are you done?” Raziel asked, poking her back. “I need to show you to your room since you’re stuck here,”

Holly winced at the choice of his words, but she was secretly grateful that he wasn’t sugarcoating the fact that she would never see her family again. “I lived a good life,” she muttered, looking at Raziel. Before she could stop herself, she was already blabbing off, “I had good grades, I was about to graduate high school, and then I was gonna become a photographer. Sure, my parents weren’t my real parents and they fought a lot, but they loved me. I’m sure they loved me

“My brother was just like any other brother. H-He’d pull my hair.. He’d call me ugly every now and then… but he was someone I looked up to. He loved me, too. And now, I can’t even see them anymore. Instead of me dying, it’s more like they died,” Holly’s voice broke, “I lost my family just as they lost me. How can I live without them?” 

Raziel lifted a strand of her hair and twirled it in his hands. She had tear glistened eyes and although they were red and puffy, the dark blue orbs entranced him. “You’ll have to get used it,” he whispered, letting go of her hair and offering her a hand as he stood up on his feet. Reluctantly, she took it and he proceeded to pull her up. 

“I was once like you,” Raziel said, guiding her towards her room, “I was heartbroken that I died and I cried just like you just did, but it gets better in time. I loved just like you do. You’ll be okay before you knew it,” 

Holly stared at his back. Not once did he look back at her when he said these words. She tried to find truth in his words, but she could only find loneliness. 

A dark, sad loneliness. 

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