By @khawes


By @khawes

Short story about a girl who goes through complete devastation but has a magical ending.

Chapter 1

8th Year

Once there was a girl named Seraya that had just turned 8 years old. She`s

pretty sad in this story but something magical happens…Seraya woke up on a sunny

day and went downstairs to have breakfast. She noticed her mom was having a hard

time breathing and fell off her chair. No one was home so she called 911. The operator

said to do CPR on her mom until the ambulance got there. Finally, the ambulance was

there. They were there for about 2 hours. Seraya was scared and nervous. Finally, they

came outside with their heads down and stepped away from the dead body. Seraya

started bursting out with tears thinking it was her fault. Soon after that happened her

dad came home from work and was very sad too. After her whole family knew about it

they had a funeral which made her even sadder looking at her body just laying there.

Seraya was heartbroken. But she got over it because she didn`t think her mom would

want her to be sad her whole life. So she moved on!

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