Lies : Book One

By @Shader
Lies : Book One

A Group Of Four Kids who lost their memories journey through a repeating timeline on a former world that got sucked into a black hole. These kids strive to find out more about themselves, and find their true home, they also try to solve this major rip in space and time.

Chapter 1

The Room

Chapter 1 : The Room

“Ugh”. I woke up. I felt kinda weird, as if I just got slammed into a truck or something. And my brain was tingling. As I got up, I bumped my head on something. “OUCH!!!” I said. I looked in front of me. A Big wall. I didn’t even know where I was, or even who I was. Strange…  

I thought back as hard as I could to my last memory. I couldn’t remember anything. That’s when I noticed 2 people behind me. One of them was a boy, like me, and one of them was a girl. I went up to the boy. I shook Him hard. 

He stood up with a start. “AHH!” Where am I? Who am I?” He looked at me. “Who Are You?!” I answered, “Aren’t those the top-two questions?”Then the girl woke up. “AHH!” Where Am I?! Who Am I?!” I answered the same two things I answered to the boy.

Then I noticed a mirror. Old and dusty, but intact lying in the corner of this room. I went to it, and Blew off the dust. In it, I saw myself. Wearing Completely black long pants, and a Black-grayish short sleeves t-shirt, and a black cape that by a centimeter almost touched the floor.

Then I remembered something. My favorite color was black. I had a ring on my finger, and I looked as tall as a 14 year old. “Jaxxon ”. Said the boy. “I want my name to be Jaxxon.” I said, “Ok, so we chose names.” I was just about to start talking again when the girl interrupted. “Ok my name is going to be… Emily.” I said “Ok”. 

“My name is going to be…” I thought hard. Then something Popped into my mind. “Shade. My name is going to be Shade.” I said. “Hey, you sure look the part.” Said Jaxxon. “Oh , be quiet, I don’t know why I am in these clothes.” I say.

Jaxxon was wearing a red shirt with a dragon on it, and some jeans. Emily was wearing jeans too, and a blue shirt. -SssSSSssssSSssssSs- “Hey, who’s making that noise? Is it any of you?” I say. “Uh, dude, why would any of us make a strange noise like that?” Jaxxon said to me. 

I looked down, because the noise was coming from there. Emily Started To Cough. It was gas, and it was green. And Emily was coughing from it. Poison Gas! “IT’S POISON GAS!!!” I yell. 

How were we to escape? There was no exit, or things to climb up on. But then I saw a vent up on the top of the roof. I climbed through the slits in the bricks, and jumped onto the vent. After that, I punched the vent bars and climbed through. It took me a full minute to realize what I just did.

“WOAH WOAH WOAH!!! I WANT TO DO THAT!” Jaxxon said. But Emily was too busy staring at my still clenched hand. “Shade… What was that ball of black stuff that looked like shadows in your hand?” Emily said.

“What?” I said, and tried to act as if everything was normal. That’s what I always do if there’s a problem. “What if that’s why you’re all black? You control elements?” Emily Says. “What? That’s crazy.” I say. Although I have always thought about it…

If you are part of the earth, you can control and manipulate its elements. Right? Ok yeah that’s wrong. I never really put much thought into it, but now that I think about it… it kinda makes sense… right?

As I help the others up, I think about it. Could it happen? But as I think, the gas rises higher, so we all climb out. After we do, we are in a forest.

Uh, ok. So there should be a road around here, right? I say that. Jaxxon said, “Maybe…¨ Emily Said, ¨Heh, I hope so…¨

¨Oh, don’t make it sound like that!¨ I say. ¨But it’s true! We don’t know where we even are!¨ Says Emily. ¨Yeah, but-¨ I was cut off by noticing Jaxxon staring at something. 

I looked in his direction. He was looking at a monster. Wait- A MONSTER?! ¨run¨ I whisper. And just like that, we were tearing through the trees and undergrowth.

The monster trampled behind us, making a roaring sound. ¨AHHHHHH!!!¨ Yelled Emily and Jaxxon at the monster. It just flung itself at me, and thatś when all went dark.

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