By @yasirmushtaq38


By @yasirmushtaq38


Chapter 1

Where am i? James said to himself he was standing in a beautiful garden of sunflowers. While James was thinking that he saw a girl in a white dress. She hold James hand and said”I ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE IT WITH U“

James got confused.He was blushing.He never touched any girl. He don’t know what was going on here?


Then James heard a huge sound of bells and he woke up               

WHAT WAS THAT? He said to him self he was in a airplane

The bell in his dream was the bell of someone calling air hostess. James father asked everything all right? James replied

“YEAH! JUST THAT WEIRD DREAM AGAIN “ while he was putting on his headphones. The plane landed James was coming out of the airport with his father. While his mother

Was there to receive them. James was in USA because of his father business. He was there from the birth now his mother wanted to give him the best studies from china.

After that James has to take over their family business.

His mother hugged the James and when they reached their penthouse her mother said “ARE U READY FOR THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR UNIVERSITY” James was not excited he just said “HMM YEAH!” .He came into his room laid down on the bed As he closes his eyes he begin to think about the dream he was having lately. He said to him self well ill get over it for now I have to worry about the university. James

Didn’t know anybody in this city. So the first day arrived James got to his university with his father. Hos father said that he will be going back to USA but he will return soon.

James had no special reaction cause his father is always on the travel in different countries. James simply replied “see you then” and goes into the university. He introduce him self to the principle and teachers. The class teacher showed him his class as he entered the class he noticed everyone was strange and different. He stands on the dice and introduces him self. He expected that no one will care!

But everyone replied him back with a smile. He sits down on his seat. After the class all students came to him asking him questions and introducing themselves to him. James had a friendly environment in the class. He noticed that there was one girl looking at him as he looked towards her

She quickly turns away his head. And picked up her bag and sprint out of the class. James said to him self “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT” He said good bye to everyone and retuned home. He was on the dinner table. His mother asked “SO TELL ME DEAR HOW WAS YOUR FIRST DAY AT UNIVERSITY ”James said “IT WAS GUD EVERYONE WAS FRIENDLY”

Since James belonged to a billionaire family so no one likes him. That was a shock for James that everyone gave him a good response.

James got in bed and thought about the girl who ran out of the class. “HMM THAT WAS STRANGE” He thought and slept after doing his homework. Next day he goes a little early for the university as he reached in his class he saw the same girl from tomorrow in the class. She was wearing her headphones so she couldn’t heard me coming into the class room. James looked at her for a moment. As she was looking at the trees outside. Her air flew with the air and the innocence on her face she looked like an angel. James felt like he skipped a beat of his heart. He slowly goes on his seat. As he drop his bag on the chair she felt the bump. She noticed James and for a moment she looked direct into his eyes. She got embarrassed and turned her head quickly to the trees again. Then she Pulled out her headphones and said hi to James while hesitating. James was surprised as he thought that she was never going to talk to him. James replied back “MORNING HOW ARE U”.

She said what is your name. James replied “Its JAMES WILLIUMSON” what’s yours James asked she replied “NAMI ONODERA” James said “ that’s a nice name. She smiled and replied thank you. She said “you can call me Katie” James said” that will be easy”. James said that he is going to get a drink u want to come. Katie had a weird smile on her face her face was becoming red and she just nod her head started walking with him. She was looking at james the whole time and james look at her she turn her face down.

She asked james “ where have u came from” james replied

“IM FROM USA” katie looked jamesfr a moment in confision and said u look like chinese. James laugh and said

Because my mom and dad are chinese I was born in usa.

Katie said “NOW I UNDERSTAND” the school bell rang and they went into their class. After school when james was going back to his house rain begin to fall He said “OH NO I FORGOT TO BRING AN UMBRELLA “ He goes under a bus stand for shelter he felt there was someone with an umbrella coming towards him he don’t give any attention

To it then he saw the person came near and said “OH YOU FORGOT YOUR UMBRELLA. James turned to that person

It was Katie. He said “HEY THERE! HAH YEAH I FORGOT”

Katie said “HERE COME UNDER MY UMBRELLA IT’S BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US” James got a little embarrassed

He said “HAH MY HOUSE IS A LITTLE FAR FROM HERE” Katie said “I LIVE NEXT TO UR PENTHOUSE” James was “shocked and confused”

MY PARENTS WORKS WITH YOUR COMPANY AS A PARTNER” James was surprised he was speechless. James said “YOU KNOW ME AND STILL YOU ARE NICE TO ME WHY?”Katie replied “BECAUSE I DON’T LOVE THE PERSON BY WHO HE IS I LOVE THE PERSON BY HIS PURITY AND HEART” James got speechless. Because Katie was like an angel in his life the perfect person just came right to him when he has lost all hopes. She said give me your cell phone James gives it to her she write something on that phone and said text me if u need anything. James on the outside was serious but from inside he was dancing his heart was going to explode as he has the first number of any girl in his life. He said “thanks I will” Katie dropped him to his penthouse and walk toward hers. She turned and said “Thank you” for your time. She has the charming smile with her big and beautiful eyes. James was speechless and just looking at her. She said “See u tomorrow and goes into her penthouse. James was happy as he spends some time with a girl for the first time in his life and he has the number of her in his phone. James said “All this time I use my cell phone as a watch and an alarm but now this phone has become so special”

Next day was Saturday. James was sitting on his table drawing anime. Since James belonged to a rich family   

Nobody likes him everyone was jealous of him and don’t

Usually talk to him. At first it was hard for James but as time passed James got used to it. James was in middle of his drawing when he hears the phone message. He thought

“What could that be? “ As he picked up his phone “He was quite shocked to see that it was a message from Katie” he opens it. It was “HI”. James replied “hey wow its 4 am you are still awake”. Katie replied “I wake up at this time for my walk. Why don’t u join me! It’ll be great” James was nervous because no one ever asked James anything he was all alone from the start. James replied ”0k”. After five minutes James got ready in his track suit. Message came

“Are u ready”. James said yes. Then message came “knock knock”. James was thinking about it when he suddenly heard the door bell. He checked it out. It was Katie she was wearing a pink tracksuit with her hair tied at the back. She was looking great. They go out on a hill near the city. Katie

Showed James the greenery and the beautiful flowers of the hills. Katie said “what do u think about it James” beautiful isn’t it. James said “ yea beautiful since the last time I saw it. Katie was looking at James with a serious face. Katie said “what did u remember about this hill”

James said once my father send me to my mother. I was bored in the penthouse. So I decide to explore the city and I came to this hill. I don’t remember much. But what do I remember is that there was a girl who can speak my language and can understand me. That girl played with me

And when I was going back to USA I met with that girl for the last time and bid her farewell. That opens her beautiful hair ribbon and tore it into two pieces she folded one on her arm and one on mine. She said next time when we see each other we will be different so we will use this to recognize each other and then we will see the garden of sunflowers! together. I wrote it all down in my diary and used to read it since then. Oh well sorry Katie I was lost in the past. Let’s go over there as he saw Katie she was still she said in a low voice “where is that piece of ribbon. James said oh here as James pulled his sleeve up it was still on his arm. Katie pulled her sleeve up and pulled her arm towards James he stood still for a moment as he saw that the same piece was on Katie’s arm too. He said “of course”

All the mysteries were solved James forgot about Katie but

Katie still remembers him that’s why she was so nice with me from the start that’s why she knew where I live. As James was in shock he saw Katie as she had a big smile on her face and tears running down from her eyes James said

What hap—- as he was saying that Katie jumped and hugged him she said since eight years I was waiting for that moment to come I finally meet you. James was happy

Too but he hold his tears in his eyes. He said that’s great ill be here now with you now. He said lets go back. Ill make us some green tea. She said hmm. Katie hold James arm all the time James said “it’s ok I’m not going anywhere you can leave my arm she jumped back and said “sorry its been so many years I couldn’t stop myself” James said same feelings for me too. As the time passed Katie started her carrier as a tennis player. And James as a business man.

They meet each other daily.

Since one day a horrible news came for James. That the plane in which his father and mother was crashed down.

   After that horrible news James got disappeared from every one leaving a note for Katie. Which was

Dear Katie sorry about all that but I have to go now my life has been messed up there are some things I need to take care off. We will meet again after all I made a promise with u. You are and always my love. Farewell.      

                                                                               Your James .

 Katie was hurt after reading that she met with the one for which she waited for years. He came suddenly in my life and as like that he left without a voice. Despite all the facts she has a hope about the promise she made with him.

Meanwhile in USA. James was in a small house in his bodyguards. He said to his butler what is going on here

His butler said that we believe that your parents were

Murdered James was shocked as he throw the tea cup in his hand. What are u saying? Meanwhile a man with a black overcoat enters into the room and said calm down

I’ll explain everything. As u can see all the luggage which was on the plane was checked except for the box which

Was given to your parents when they were boarding.

James become furious YOU IDIOTS BUNCH OF USELESS DOGS WHY DID U MAKE SUCH A MISTAKE YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. The man said calm down sir James ill tell u why the bomb was in the box of sweets and chocolates which was given to your parents by someone close directly in their hands that’s why we didn’t care to check it. It was a great shock for James he fell back to his sofa. His butler said we are afraid master that man has eyes for u now u are the heir of the Williamson family.

James said I’m going to go undercover and find out who it was. 5 years passed James came back to china to meet Katie. He asked at her house her butler came. Her butler was shocked to see him. He said master James please come in. James asked where is Katie her butler said she would be in the tennis stadium now its her finals now James said then I should be going to the stadium too.

As James reached their he saw her playing. He goes inside and started to watch it. Katie felt a similar feeling aside from crowd as James was standing along the fence she recognized him with the first look she got distracted and the ball hit right to her chest she stood still for a moment

And fell unconscious while she was falling she saw James running towards her. she woke up at the hospital. She said James the nurse was standing there she said oh you woke up she asked what happened the nurse said u were injured in your match nothing bad its all right. She said oh yes I forgot u have a visitor waiting for u to wake up. I should call him. As nurse goes out Katie thought could it be James

No I was just imagining things he cant be. As she was thinking that James came into the room she was shocked and tears were falling down from her eyes as she was so happy. As James came close to her she slapped him. And grabbed him from the collar she said “how dare you”

How could you do that. Leaving so suddenly without saying any word James said I know it was difficult for me too. But

Someone is after me and I don’t want to cause any trouble to you and your family. She said what do u mean by family James said of course your father and your mother. she said my mother died when I was born and my father died in recent year. James said I’m sorry to hear that I know how it feels. But I’m going to find the one who killed my parents

For that I am undercover from the world. I am so close to that man I promise once I deal with him we will buy a house near a garden of sunflowers and were going to live there forever. Katie was happy but suddenly she got sad

“that means you are going to disappear again” yes James said but not for long. As he hugged Katie and bid her farewell he saw that she was still wearing that ribbon.

As he saw her arm he was too. He said ill be back. He goes out and doctor calls James doctor said that Katie had a weak heart and because she was pushing herself in tennis this become worse the hitting of ball straight to her heart was bad she can barely survive for one week maximum. James was depressed to hear that. As he received a call

That the murderer was found he goes back to USA. He said his butler who is it? The butler stay quite the man in the coat replied your uncle! . James was shocked the man said that he has his eyes set on your business and you. James said where is he. As they found out his uncle was in his business building. With guards all over it. His uncle knew that James will fall into his trap and will come to him.

James was a great planner since he reads comics and watch action movies. He came up with a plan. He calls his

Team and loaded into the helicopter as they came close to the building James calls his truck driver and guide him to hit the truck directly to the front of building. Truck driver

Puts a brick at the accelerator and jumps off the truck and truck smashes into the building all the guards rushed to the ground and the upper floors was empty. That was James chance he James landed his helicopter on the building and strikes into the building James and his men attacked from the top of the building James has already set snipers in the closing buildings which was clearing the floors and the ground it was in an instant half of the guards were dead they don’t know what was happening as James rushed upon them and killed them all his uncle was on 12th floor of the building in his office locked. As James was fighting the security .  Uncles office was locked with a high security. James got an idea he got into his helicopter and ordered the pilot to go on the 12th floor window as he goes on that window he jumped right in it breaking the glass. His uncle was sitting there as James entered there his uncle shots him in the arm his uncle said how stupid of you u fell right into my trap. Now your business will be mine as he was saying this James pulled out a grenade his uncle said are u crazy if u do that you will die too. James said but I will be taking you with me. James pulled out the pin and grabbed him and jumped straight right off the building. Meanwhile

Katie become unstable she was breating slower and slower while James was falling he closes his eyes and felt

A nice and cold air when he opens his eyes he was standing in a beautiful garden of sunflowers as he saw right beside him a light came out of that light he saw a hand as he focused on it he saw a ribbon wrapped around it. He say Katie as the light goes away and she came right besides him he was shocked and confused. Katie said u remember

U said when u take care of your uncle we will live in a garden of sunflowers forever. As James know they were both dead and now were in heaven which they promised each other. This was James dream after all he understands the meaning of his dreams now it was his destiny.

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