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Let’s Play Hide and Seek

By @Unstable

Let's Play Hide and Seek

By: Zachariah Grubb

“Can I go outside and play now mommy?”

A 10 year old boy was jumping up and down, so full of excitement that he couldn’t stand still. He just finished his lunch and he knew after that, he was usually allowed to go outside and play. He kept asking his mother over and over again till she replied with an answer.

“Please mommy, can I go outside and play?”

He was standing before the front door, so anxious to get out, like a wild animal that’s been held in captivity most of it’s life and finally it was being released from it’s cage. His hand was on the door knob, so full of energy that he’s shaking, the outside world was just beyond this door.

“Did you finish all the food on your plate honey?”

The boy heard his mother say and immediately answered the question, now he waits for his answer.

“Yes honey, you can go outside and play. Please stay in the yard, away from the roads and away from strangers.”

The boy was already outside playing before his mother finished her sentence, all he needed to hear was yes. The weather was perfect today, a slight breeze was in the air and the sun gave off the right amount of heat. Nothing made this boy more happier than to be outside, it was like the only reason he would wake up in the morning.

Outside, the boy’s imagination was his best friend and that’s all he needed. He picked up sticks and used them as swords, pretending he was fighting monsters. The trees in his yard were people he would talk to, every tiny rock on the ground was money who could use to buy new weapons, and his house was a castle he had to protect from monsters. After a long day of vanquishing evil and saving the castle, the boy would rest his weary bones and put his imagination to sleep. Tomorrow would be full of new adventures and the boy couldn’t wait. His mother would listen to all his stories while she tucked him into bed and she loved every story he told. He would always fall asleep before finishing. His mother would kiss his forehead and turn off his light.

“Goodnight, my little hero.”

Tomorrow became today and the boy was ready to play. After school, he would run off the bus and straight to the kitchen, where he would wait for his lunch.

“How was school today honey? Do you need help with any homework?

His mother asked as she sat down next to him at the kitchen table.

“School was great mommy, this girl in my class called me silly and kissed my cheek, it was funny. I do have some homework, could you help me with it mommy?”

After homework was done, his mother told him he could go play outside while she cooked his lunch. He was super excited because the was the first time ever.

The front yard was where the boy started his adventure, he grabbed a stick and charged head first into his imagination.

“I’m here to save the day!”

He yelled out with such spirit, a spirit of a unstoppable hero. Everything was going smoothly till the boy heard a voice, a girl’s voice.

“Let’s play a game of hide and seek.”

The boy stopped and looked around, there was no one there. He was confused and a little scared.

“Mommy told me I should stay away from strangers.”

The boy was about to run inside but the girl’s voice stopped him.

“Don’t leave me, I’ll cry. Please stay and play with me.”

The voice told the boy. He now felt sad for this mysterious girl. It was alright to play with this girl as long as he stays in the yard, he told himself. The boy waited for the girl to come out and play, but she didn’t show herself.

“We can play together, we just have to stay in the yard.”

He said happily, his voice had a little excitement in it because he never really had someone else to play with except his imaginary friends.

“I want to play a game of hide and seek. I’ll hide and you’ll try to find me.”

The girl requested a game of hide and seek. The boy was excited because that was his favorite game, nothing could hide from him. He guessed since she didn’t show herself, she was already hiding.

“Before we start playing, you should have a look at what’s in your hand.”

The boy did have a stick in his left hand but when she said that, he noticed the stick was gone. He looks down and sees a small piece of paper in his hand, it was in the shape of half of a heart.

“If you can find me, I’ll give you the other half of that paper heart. Are you ready to play?”

The boy said yes and starting searching immediately. He looked around every tree in his yard, all around his house, under his mom’s car, but she was nowhere to be found. He wasn’t giving up, nothing could ever stay hidden from him. There was so many places to look, but that didn’t seem to worry the boy, he was having fun.

“I will find you.”

The boy had some serious confidence and he knew he’ll find her sooner or later.

“You can’t hide forever.”

The boy noticed his voice sounded different, he sounded much older. Something wasn’t right, he stopped and finally noticed the environment around him. His house didn’t look the same, the grass in the yard was dead, and his mom’s car was missing. It would appear that he’s been searching for this girl for years, and still couldn’t find her. His whole world was consumed by the need to find this girl, he cried out.

“Where are you?”

There was no reply. He fell to his knees and started crying, he could feel a great pain, the pain of loneliness. His imagination was nothing but a memory, that happy-go-lucky child that saved the world from monsters was dead.

All he wanted to do was find that girl, but he didn’t know she would take his whole world away. This left him down on his knees, crying. He’ll never find the other half of the paper heart in his hand and this made him feel incomplete. He was left with a broken heart.

“I’ll never find her.”

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