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By @Al1996

Chapter one: step one.

Constantine sat quietly in his chair with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a hand gun in the other. This was how he started every day. Drunk and debating whether or not he was gonna give into the pain, the sadness, and the regret. The thoughts ran through his head like race cars heading towards an unknown goal. Was there a finish line? Would he be able to make it to that line? He didn’t know the answers to these questions. He’d dealt with lose before so why was he doing it differently? It was because he had lost the one person he had cared for. The little rebellious angel that had managed to make a lot of people angry and send out henchmen to kill him. Const stood up and staggered to the door trying to keep from falling on his unshaven face. He opened the door and looked to see who he thought had knocked. when it turned out that now one was there he slammed the door mutter a few obscenities under his breath. He went back to his chair and put on the song ‘Ready to die’ . He passed out mid way through the first few notes.

His snores caused the walls to shake and he woke up to the sound off a neighbor banging on his door and telling him to “TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN!” He ignored the person and went back to sleep.

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