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Let me hold you!

By @DestinyKayy


Jacob, that was his name and he was just so gorgeous, so handsome. The way he was looking at me, it made me blush.

“You’re so cute when you blush.” He said. His deep voice just made me so hot. I look away because i’m embarrassed and then I feel his hand on my face, he pulled me towards him and said,

“Don’t do that, you’re beautiful when you blush. Don’t be ashamed to show me.” He said. “I’ve just wanted this for so long, now I have it and I can’t believe it.” I said.

He was looking at me and I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed with nervousness. He was leaning in, and then he gave me my first kiss. It was magical, it was everything i’d ever wanted and more, it was passionate and I couldn’t believe it was me that he’d chosen.

“Julie, are you ok?” Jacob said worried.

The truth is, I was fine and I didn’t know what he was talking about, but it was like I couldn’t get the words out of mouth that I was fine.

“Julia, get up! We’ve gotta go Julia GET UP!” I open my eyes and i’m in my room with my mother yelling at me to get up, “Julia we have to go! Why aren’t you dressed!” Mom said in anger.

It was a dream, only a dream. Of course it was a dream, Jacob Cole would never in a million years Kiss me. I’m Julia Vanderwood, the school freaky nerd. I just wish I could just change myself. I’ve had a crush on Jacob since I was 5, back then I was so cute and everyone was friends with each other, then we got to middle school. That’s when everything went to complete and utter ******* ****. Middle was my downfall, everyone truly grew up and then that’s when I realized that everyone hates me, and just leaves.

“Julia Marie Vanderwood, if you’re not downstairs in five minutes, I am leaving, without you!” Mom said angrily as I move slow. I quickly pick up the speed searching for my contacts while buttoning up my jeans. I find a pair of shoes, they are rouge red to match my rouge top, and rouge lip.

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