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Leo is Love, Leo is Life

By @MeaningfulMee

Leo is Love, Leo is Life.

I was only eleven.

I loved Leo Varadkar so much, I had all his merch and many pictures of his abs, 

I pray to Leo every night before bed, thanking him for nothing. He hasn’t done anything but he has good abs.

“Leo. V is love” I say; “Leo’s abs are life”

My dad hears me and calls me a Fascist 

I know he was just jealous of my devotion for that man.

I called him too straight for his own good.

He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep

I’m crying now, and my face hurts

I lay in bed and it’s really cold

Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me

It’s Leo.v 

I am so happy

He whispers into my ear “get out of my swamp.”

He grabs me with his weak soft hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees.

I’m ready.

He hands me an eviction notice. 

Not what I had planned.

I find an alternative payment,

 I do it for Leo.

I tear up in more places than one. 

I don’t contest his power. 

I don’t want to be evidenced by Leo.  

He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love.

“The *******

He yells.

My dad walks in.

He looks Leo in the eyes and says

*****, the rent is ogre due”

We leave through the window.

We are homeless.

I am a sex offender, 

with a restraining order. 

And Leo is love, Leo is life. 

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