Leila's Moon (temporary title)

By @CuteClouds

Leila's Moon (temporary title)

By @CuteClouds

My first story here. I don't have a complete idea on it. On it's characters or on what's possible in it. I still wanted to share a part of the first chapter. For now, I know it's about a young women traveling very very far. I'm talking Space here but not exactly. Her name is Leila. And she's going to live adventures and misadventures I day-dreamed of. The first chapter here will be the prologue that a certain character will write herself, sharing the tales of Leila, the one who came from Earth.

Chapter 1

Prologue (From the first book of Leila)


First of all, hello to you who found this writing. I’m new to this website. I’m still discovering it but I was impatient about publishing something here. I think most of you know the feeling. It’s not right but well…

This chapter is not yet finished. You’re welcome to criticize the tiny details. I haven’t written in a long time though so… And I still don’t have a complete vision on this… novel. I hope I finish it. Since I always tend to stop a story, forget about it and move on to another one. Some of you might know this… pattern.

Anyways, I hope you like it. I’m not very confident about it but I’ll take the risk. Good day !


She knew. She was aware of the cruel truth. Leila must run towards the beast and stop avoiding him at last. Accept that it is fate. The hidden powers of the Universe aligned their destinies. Only one of the two could stay. They can’t both be alive in this place. Together, they create a Paradox.

So, one of them must go.

For the beast, his only way of “going” is to disappear into the Unknown. Once he’s defeated by Leila.

Same goes for Leila. Except that there is… a slight difference.

Let me clarify:

There are many, many Unknowns in… let’s simply call it “God’s Creations”. I’m meaning the Things that only HE knows about.

Well he made them so of course he…

Anyways !

What I want to concentrate on are these two :

1-The Unknown made for the dead of human kind.

Those waiting for the day of judgment. Nobody knows what it is made of or who does it welcome. The Good-Ones only or everybody ?

Does it exist in that same Planet they were born in, hidden from the eyes of the living by a Veil God put in place, just like the world of Jinns ?

Or is it in some… “Other Place” ? Some place that resembles ours ?

Frankly, I lean towards the first thinking.

2- The Unknown made for our kind. For the creatures residing in here.

After they die for real. For good. Forever.

But, we don’t call it that. Dying. We define it as… Fading.

It’s not original at all, I agree.

We know nothing of it either. But we have some theories.

We think that for those who Fade, and nobody ever faded before or at least it’s unheard of, that there will be no day of judgment for them. They were never born. They… never existed.

Still, before I return To Leila and the Beast. You also should learn some things :

Our dead are what humans call ghosts. That’s why I specified “die for real”.

They have no consistence. We can see them if they want to show themselves to us. And likewise, we can not let them see us if it is our will.

We can talk to them like we talk to other livings. But it rarely happens. Keep reading, you’ll get it.

So, their nature is peaceful, regardless of how they died. They don’t hold thoughts of revenge or ill for anyone. It’s… just the way it is.

Ow, and sometimes you might come across a wise ghost. Lucky you ! He might decide to solve your existential crisis for you for free. If you don’t hate ghosts and also have no issue interacting with them.

Some of them feel lonely. Why ? I’ll get there.

Yes, strange stories are out there. But they seem impossible to you, human reading this.

For example love between a living and a dead. This, for us, is natural.

A male or female can return to his other half and children after a war, a fight or an accident. These are the only ways to die. We have no sicknesses.

And then, surprise ! I’m back everyone ! I’m just a ghost now.

Hugs ? Ah wait, we can’t.

You get it ?

I have nothing against that. It’s great to have a second chance with those you love.

The only thing the couple will miss is sexual intercourse.

Okay, tenderness too maybe. And with the kids too.

So… sometimes _actually quit frequently to be honest_ for the lovers to be together, the living “other half” demands a Transformation Ritual.

And basically asks Our League of Justice to kill them.

Of course, they agree. With happiness. They have a thing with ghosts.

I, and a few like me, find that immoral. Not correct. We don’t call it “an honorable sacrifice” like the rest. But “Suicide”.

And for the case of the female with the children, especially if they are young, it’s “Selfish Irresponsible Unreasonable Suicide”. Long phrase for SIUS. And only those few know about this abbreviation.

Sometimes it even involves all the family.

I mean… Love is scary.

Thank God I’m immune to it. Partially.

Long to short _and I did leave a lot of details that you’ll discover along the book_, it is forbidden for the living to offend the dead.

Because it’s all you can do to them, you can’t harm them or touch them. Same goes both ways. But, our Sacred Justice League will still make you pay for an insult against their kind.

Meaning you’ll also become a ghost.

And know what ? When you’re transformed, you’ll apologize right away !

And That, is why most of us avoid them. In fear of a misunderstanding.

Even if the ghost defends you, they’ll find a blame for you, don’t you worry about that.

God ! I admit, this creeps me out. They pretend it’s “the order of things”. And it is actually how it’s always been ! According to the old writings.

But this exaggerated protection of ghosts _That even them are wary about_ is extremely suspicious to me. I perceive it as a deception. As if disgusting secrets are behind it.

This is why I never go to funeral or transformation rituals. It gives me the bad chills. Grrr.

So, are you starting to get an idea of our existence ?

No ?

Perfect ! Because there is still more happening. I was afraid you would “understand” before you “truly Understood”.

Yes, problems have occurred in our world. War, invasion and peace over and over. They still do. But differently. And less frequently. Specially since I was born.

I’m a pretty special _and famous_ Influencer here.

Okay. And since Leila arrived also.

But, keep in mind, there wasn’t and will not be any fighting between the Three Essentials.

Who include basically everyone in this part of the universe.

Yes, it’s dumb. Not my fault ! I wasn’t born when they called us that.

So, it’s not about it being a law or anything. We really… can’t fight each other.

I know what you’re thinking :”You said three essentials. You only wrote about the living and the dead. So, explain yourself”.

First of all, that’s not how you speak to me ! Even through a book. Okay ?

And second of all, let me finish before interrupting me with your thoughts.

Shh, humans !

Listen, we have Legends, Myths, a big united Culture and many small but distinguished… other cultures.

We also have Living-Deads.

That’s all ! Don’t fear… okay fear these ones. And the living too, but this on the other hand is a natural instinct so.

For some, they are a myth. But I’ve seen…

Before Leila I didn’t believe in their existence either.

Who and what are they exactly ? And Why can’t the three have a disagreement ?

Put this in your list of questions.

Because I will not tell more about them for the moment.

Listen, human. We were born here. And all of us are still here. Just In different forms.

Meaning that those of us who woke up in the beginning, knowing nothing about nothing, are still among us. Just not alive.

—-Which leads to… another explanation.

*******************************************To complete****************************************************

Thank you very much for reading. This text might be corrected or changed a bit before I continue on it, I’m not sure. But I really hope it didn’t bore you. There’s certainly many better writings than that in this website.

I haven’t checked anything yet, like I said earlier. Still, what do you think ? Does it have potential ? A little spark ? Does it interest you a little ?

Thank you for telling me and/or advising me.

Good day and Good night !

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