Legends Legacy: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventure

By @BlackHairedPsycho

Legends Legacy: A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventure

By @BlackHairedPsycho

This series will follow the adventures of team Disaster as they hunt bounties, uncover the mysteries of the Legendaries, fix broken memories, and generally screw around more than they should. There's a reason their team name is Disaster after all.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Base Cleaning

1: Base Cleaning

Rio thought buying his first real home would be fun. Moving in with the only family he knew sounded great on paper. Free from their masters, free to live however they wished with the slight threat of a possible surprise attack. After their first real great paying job, he was under the impression that it would be smooth sailing from here. 

He didn’t take the real estate industry into consideration. 

When they walked into the property owners place of business and requested the place they wanted they insisted, no, DEMANDED, they go search for another, more expensive piece of land. Rio should’ve stopped it there. He could feel their intentions. Their salesmon’s Aura was the closest thing he’d ever seen to pure greed and the houses they were being shown didn’t would’ve been impossible to defend. They were gonna need to defend!

Still, the Persian persisted. Rio tried to keep a lid on his annoyance, but he could feel his friends were close to snapping too. He was honestly amazed Scales hadn’t snapped and stormed off yet. 

The next place was a large structure just outside of the city. At least they were getting closer to the place they decided on. It was stone, the walls looked to be as thin as possible, it was a single room, and it was double what they were willing to spend. The Persian made it sound much better. 

“This granite home was made to have a great amount of airflow, so the walls are understandably thin.” Rio counted that as the twenty-fifth lie that came out of the Persian’s mouth.The Aura never lied. “It is very close to town, so that’s why it’s so expensive.” Twenty-sixth. They were just hoping to sell a cheap house at a stupidly high interest to trick a gullible new homeowner. “How about it?”

“No,” Team Disaster said in unison.

“Just let us buy the treehouse!” Rio shouted in frustration.

“Why do you want that dump?” she asked. “It’s so-”

Pana cut her off this time. “That’s none of your business. Sell us the treehouse. Now.”

The menace in her voice could have made a Tauros think twice about charging. The Persian had considerably less nerve. In seconds, they started padding back to her office to officially buy their base.


“Arceus almighty that took forever.”

Team Disaster walked up the forest trail to their newly purchased base. The Riolu, Rio, had his face buried in his paws as they walked. At a glance he looked normal for his species, but upon closer inspection you’d find that he had quite a lot of fur for a Riolu. The blue and black fur was thick, and the silver mane of fluff covering his neck stood out quite a bit. His black tipped tail waved as he walked with his friends. 

“Why didn’t we stop her sooner?” Scales asked. The Hakamo-o was the tallest of their group, having at least a head over both his teammates. His gold and silver scales sparkled in the sunlight, clanking loudly as he moved. The massive scale embedded in his forehead was cracked towards the top, the result of a training accident.

“I just didn’t want to be rude,” Pana excused. The Pancham was probably the most normal looking out of the three. Her species’ natural smile was replaced by a frown she had had since Rio had met her. She was also a little shorter than what was normal for a Pancham, but he had learned to never bring up her height. Not that it was very noticeable. 

The only things they had were their treasure bag filled with their camping and exploring supplies, their bronze rank team badges hanging from their necks, and the keys to their new place. 

“She was full of ******* Rio said. “Trying to put us in deep debt. Her Aura was really obvious about it.”

“You didn’t think to mention that?” Pana glared at Rio. 

“I didn’t want to be rude,” Rio said mockingly. The glare she gave him wasn’t as bad as the one she gave the Persian, but it was a close second. She was about to respond when Rio felt the hostile Auras. 

“Hostiles ahead,” Rio said. “Don’t be obvious about fighting.”

Rio’s Aura sense wasn’t very precise, but he could at least sense multiple volatile Auras. He felt six in total. Some were either floating in the air, or standing on something tall. He hoped it was a tree and not their-

Their new base had squatters. Because of course it did. No wonder it was so cheap. When they walked into their newly purchased clearing, a small field surrounded by tall trees, they saw their new base. The largest and thickest tree stood in the center, with a door built in. When Rio looked up he could see the moderately sized treehouse, made of brown wood, sitting in its branches. 

The place was also crawling with bandits. 

Rio knew three were in the treehouse. One of them felt stronger than the others. His Aura sense couldn’t differentiate size or type yet, so he had no idea what was leading these guys. The Pokemon on the ground were normal types. Two Meowth, one was purple and looked really smug, a Zigzagoon, a Glameow, and a Patrat all looked up at the new homeowners. Their Aura shifted from hostile to ‘If you come one step closer we’ll eviscerate you’ like it was nothing. Rio stopped, and his team stopped with him. 

“Hello,” Rio said calmly. “I think you’re in our base.” 

To Rio’s surprise they didn’t attack. Their Aura told him they were close enough to the edge that he thought any sudden move would get them into a fight, but they looked completely casual.

“We’ve been here longer,” the purple Meowth said. 

“That might be true, but we own it now. Could you leave?”

It was at this that one of the figures in the treehouse came down. It was a heavily scarred Zangoose, at least double the Riolu’s height. He towered over every Pokemon in the area. Healed scars ran up his arms, and legs, and a long one went over one eye. The trio watched as he slowly approached. His Aura was completely calm. No, that wasn’t quite right. He was just underestimating them. He was a smug prick of a bandit. Probably had a bounty on his head too.

“Piss off,” the Zangoose said. “Small fry explorers like you won’t be taking me in.”

“We just want our house,” Scales had jumped in now. “Leave and we won’t have trouble.”

At this, the Zangoose laughed. His followers joined him. It was a deep laugh, the mocking undertones obvious. He was even close to tears. Rio was gonna enjoy what he was about to do.

“You kids are funny!” the Zangoose gasped. “Tell you what, I’ll let you go with your items- Hey, weren’t there three of you?”

The last two Auras left the treehouse then. It wasn’t their choice, of course, but they flew out anyways. The two Aipom were unconscious before they hit the ground. Pana did her job well. The signal was loud and clear. 

Staff, Rio thought. A glowing blue bone at tall as him flashed into existence. He caught it in his left paw as Scales punched the Zangoose in the stomach. To his credit, the winded Pokemon didn’t go down. Oliver walked past the two. This war routine for team Disaster at this point. They didn’t even have to discuss their roles. Pana took out any fringe combatants, Scales took the biggest mon, and Rio cleared out the rest. 

The regular Meowth slashed at him first. He blocked it with his staff, batted his paw out of the way and drove a Force Palm into his stomach. The Meowth went flying back a few feet, landing on his back unmoving. Rio twirled his staff in his paw as he waited for the bandits to process what he just did. 


They all decided to take Rio up on his offer. The Zigzagoon reached him first, and Rio didn’t even give him time to attack. With a quick flick of his staff he tripped the Zigzagoon. Rio dogged the next few slashes from the other Meowth easily, kind of disappointed in the lack of effort he was putting in. Another quick Force Palm and the other Meowth was down. 

The now recovered Zigzagoon had gotten up at this point and leapt at Rio’s back. He ducked, jumping as soon as his belly was over his head. He heard the wind leave the small Pokemon’s lungs as his Headbutt landed. 

The Glameow and Patrat had the best idea out of all the bandits. They decided to come up with a plan of attack while Rio slaughtered their group. The Patrat got behind him while he dealt with the Zangoose while the Glameow rushed at his front. Rio sidestepped both of them, letting them crash into each other. As soon as they landed on their asses he bashed the both of them over the head with his staff, knocking them out. The exchange only lasted a few seconds. 

He looked away from his victims to see if Scales needed any help, but the Hakamo-o seemed to be having even less fun than Rio did. The Zangoose just kept slashing at the dragon’s scales, his claws bouncing off every time. Rio felt his Aura change from smug to absolute terror as the pathetic display went on. 

“Who the hell are you?” he yelled in frustration, never letting up his useless assault. “Are you really Bronze rank?”

Scales didn’t even bother to answer. He just stepped in closer and drove his fist up into the Zangoose’s gut. The Sky Uppercut sent the bandit leader a few feet into the air before he crashed back down into the dirt. He groaned in pain, still conscious.

“Going easy on him?” Pana asked, landing next to Rio. He didn’t even sense her that time. That thought scared him for a split second, but he was glad for her. 

“Nah,” Scales responded, walking over to the gasping Zangoose. “Just punched at a weird angle.”

“Better be glad the Masters didn’t see that,” Rio said. “You would’ve been punching trees all week. Help me gather these ********, would ya?”

“Gimme a sec,” Scales responded. He clocked the Zangoose in the face, knocking him out. Rio grabbed the large coil of rope from his bag and started grabbing the bandits. 

“It’s a good thing they’ll never find out about it!” Scales said cheerfully, casually dragging the Zangoose over. Pana had already brought the Aipom over, and Rio sat their victims in a circle with the Zangoose sitting in the middle. He quickly wrapped the rope around the bandits and tied a tight knot. They were officially firmly bound.

“Think they have a bounty?” Rio asked.

“This close to the city?” Pana shot back. “Maybe they were banking on the fact no one would look for them so close?”

“Might as well check,” Scales said, grabbing one end of the tight bundle. “Mind helping me with this Rio?”

Rio wordlessly grabbed the other end of the package. “We’ll get food while we’re at it. Can you start cleaning, Pana?”

“Try and get me some bamboo,” She asked, taking the bag from Rio. “Big cities should have some, right?”

“I only promise to try.” With that, the two hefted their potential bounty and headed into town.

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