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Legend of Hyrule: Gasping for the Rambunctious

By @Mechz71

The Wild in Ruin

It’s been 40 years since Ganon laid his calamity upon Hyrule. Princess Zelda, her Royal Guard Link and her four champions are all believed to be long dead by the people of Hyrule. Through none can understand why the Calamitous one has not unleashed his wrath upon all of Hyrule and instead seeming to be content with residing in Hyrule Castle. Few are brave enough to search the Castle Town much less the Castle proper for answers. It is full of hostile Guardians that attack anyone on sight. No one knows why the Guardians turned on them but suspicions lay with Ganon as the reason. In any case, Guardians are best left alone unless you are feeling brave or foolish. Glimpses of Ganon can be seen swirling and roaring as a inky and otherworldly cloud above the castle.

Sensing no immediate threat, the people of Hyrule have done their best to continue their lives and rebuild. Through this is easier said than done with Ganon’s evil seeping into Hyrule and manifesting into his minions across the lands. Bokoblins and the like regularly pester and hurt travelers and caravans of supplies to different towns. The more dangerous of their ilk ,like the gargantuan Hinox, often claim the lives of innocent as well. This has led the people to form a sort of militia or bodyguard workforce for said travelers or caravans. All the people of Hyrule agreed to this force being made seeing how necessary it’s become. The name of this militia came to be Hyrule Defense Force or HDF for short. Many people of all races across Hyrule make up this band. Hylians, Zora, Goron, Rito and Gerudo and many more can be found. Some join to help the good of Hyrule while others have ulterior motives. The band cares not for recruits reasons just as long as jobs are done well. HDF has grown over time to not just escort but all act as a crude force to exterminate Ganon’s minions when their presence in an area becomes too much for the local people to handle. You are a new recruit of the HDF and have been sent to Kakariko Village to help with a rising surge of Bokoblins in their area.

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