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Learning Towards Change

By @YellowMeadow

I look inside the mirror

and it’s a new face I see

new eyes looking back at me

more alive than I ever could be

I look inside the mirror

and reach my hand to touch

the change had to have been too much

to see myself not reaching to clutch

I gaze into my eyes

wondering who I could be

wondering if this could really be me

wondering if I’m already this free

My past has held me in a vice grip

unforgiving, unbreathing, leaving me to trip

to tumble and turn and skin my knees to bone

to gaze behind me and realize I have nothing to throw

It’s always been me

tumultuously existing, to be

so angry at my past I could never leave

and now I live in spite of thee

I have his eyes, I have her hair

but even so, my face in my own

I bear my own scars, my voice is not theirs to hold

I am learning to walk my own path, be bold

Change has made me gray,

has filled me with doubt and strife

for I could only change for a day

before my anger took my life

I look inside the mirror, and I see a new me

I see someone who changed past day three

I see someone with eyes not filled with rage and spite

I see hands that reach and relish in what brings delight

I reach my hand forward, and I am not met with glass

I am touching my inner soul, the barrier now pass

Warmth and love fills my sense of touch, a boldness my sense of self

And what I find so precious in life should no longer be shelfed

Beneath my anger I am defiant and bold,

I carry and endless laughter to behold

I am me in every lost sense of self

And from this day I shall no longer be yourself

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