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Last Wish

By @0xSeth

The day it all began

A shadow is chasing Suzuki with a knife in it’s hand . Suzuki screams for help but there is no one to hear , just as the shadow is about to stab Suzuki , the alarm rings and he opens his eyes . He stares at the ceiling unable to speak and sweating from the horror he just woke up from.

Somehow he managed to move his legs , opened the curtains but the room was still dark. The building in front blocked most of the light . He was coughing since three days but he did not bother to consult a doctor. Suzuki was a salesman , part of his job involved going from home to home and sell appliances .

It was night , he was going back home from office , he was fired today for not being able to complete his monthly targets four months in a row. He was angry and sad at the same time but couldn’t do anything about it . He was walking aimlessly on the roads , filled with his own misery, coughing all the way home . All of a sudden he lost control over his body and crashed unconscious into the trash can on the sidewalk .

Suzuki woke up next day on the hospital bed , he couldn’t remember anything what happened after he got fired and how did he end up here. Doctor came to his room and asked how was he feeling , Suzuki said his body was aching else was fine. He asked the doctor what was wrong with him , upon hearing the answer his eyes widened , he wanted to speak but he knew his voice wasn’t reaching anywhere , he could hear the sound of birds chirping , other patients groaning in pain while he was staring at the floor. After a moment he came back to his senses and started laughing , his eyes dead with no hope left , hands shaking and started pulling his hair . He was diagnosed with final stage lung cancer and was counting his last days.

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