Larry’s New Life

By @ladyofblueflowers777

Larry’s New Life

By @ladyofblueflowers777

A short story about a man that gets a new good life after having lost everything.

Inspired by: Not Based on a Book I Read.

Chapter 1

N/A, is a short story

Somewhere in Chicago, Illinois lives a bum named Larry. He lost his job in 2017 due to being laid off. He also has schizophrenia. These two reasons put him on the streets and he’s becoming restless having to live this way.

“I am tired of living on the streets. Day after day, I do nothing more than struggle to find my next meal out of a garbage can. There’s no way I can sleep or shower and don’t want to go sleep at the shelter because of it having fleas and lice,” said Larry.

“Hello Larry. How’s it going man? ” said Gary his street friend.

“It’s going not so well. I’m starving, tired and I’m tired of having to live this way,” said Larry upset.

“Well, I’m not. I like not having to do a 9-5 job,” said Gary happily.

“We’ll, that’s your opinion. I’d love any job now. I’m sick of living this way. I’m going to change this!” said Larry waving good-bye to Gary.

     Larry looked all around the city. He knew that he had to eat something. He found a Goodwill. They offered him a descent meal and he sat down to eat it. He was so hungry, he nearly scarfed it up in only three enormous bites.

“Hello. I’m Steve. I was laid off from my job. What’s your name buddy?” said Steve calmly eating his meal of baked chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Steve was acruelly a ghost that Larry saw and was from Larry not being able to be on his medication.

“I’m Larry. I too got laid off from my job. I’m tired of living on the streets. I want to change this,” said Larry drinking his water in nearly one or two big gulps.

“Well, you certainly came to the right place Larry. They can help place you in a job,” said Steve.

“I’m willing to do that now,” said Larry.

     Larry waved good-bye to his new ghost aquaintance. He went to a Goodwill worker and asked if they’re hiring or if they had any job listings. The worker said yes and Larry quickly took it from the workers hands and told him thank you.

Production worker. Pays $10.00 an hour. Call John at (847) 777-7777. Were located at Wacker Drive. Ask for John.

“That could be a good start, I’ll give them a try,” said Larry.

     Larry went by foot to go see if he could ask to see and speak to John. The secretary told him that John was out to lunch. Larry went to stand outside and looked at other job listings. He didn’t have much experience in those other job fields and knew that the production worker whold be a great fit for him.

     All of the sudden, a tall man with blue eyes and short brown hair walked into the building. Larry wondered if it was John. Larry went back into the building to find out.

“Yes, that was John. I’ll see if he’s available to talk to you,” said the secretary.

“Thank you,” said Larry.

     The secretary told Larry that John was available. Larry went to speak to John in his office. When he found out Larry was disabled, he told him that it was alright and hired Larry anyway because they needed workers.

“Welcome aboard! When can you start?” said John kindly.

“Today,” said Larry happily.

“Alright then. We work 12 hour shifts, is that fine with you today?” asked John.

“Yes,” said Larry.

“You can ask Judy our secretary to make you up a name badge and you may then start. She’ll also give you a clock in number. You just need to clock in and out,” said John.

     After Larry got his badge, he clocked in. He met a mysterious man named Gerald. Gerald was also a ghost from Larry’s schizophrenia. The other workers saw him talking to him and reported this back to John. John called Larry into his office and asked Larry if he was alright. One thing lead to the other during their conversation and Larry was illegally fired because of this.

“Great. Back on the streets for me I go no thanks to me having schizophrenia and being able to see, hear and talk to ghosts,” said Larry disappointedly.

     Larry was upset. He went to sleep behind a dumpster. He also slept without eating supper too because he was that upset.

     All of the sudden, a woman appears at midnight. She’s very tall and beautiful. She has long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes.

“Hello Larry,” said the mysterious woman.

“Oh great. Just what I don’t need. A ghost waking me up at this time, whatever time it is that is,” said Larry grouchily.

“Larry, I am Asmelda the angel. I am not a ghost. You can also hear and see angels,” said Asmelda.

“Great. An angel. Now my schizophrenia changed again. Now it’s making me hear and see angels,” said Larry standing up from behind the dumpster then going to go look at Asmelda.

“I am here to help you. You need to go see a man named Daryl. He lives in a home near by here. It’s the third house down. He’s a college student that’s looking for a permanent roommate, and he also is running his own business. He might hire you too, he’s looking for an assistant,” said Asmelda.

“Wow! I can hardly believe my schizophrenia this time! This is too easy! I’ll try what she said in the morning. Thanks Asmelda,” said Larry then waving and going back behind the dumpster to sleep.

     When morning came, Larry went to a homeless shelter to shower and then went to Goodwill to eat breakfast. He also put on a new shirt and pair of pants he found for a dollar each at Goodwill. He got that money by sitting and holding a cup a while back.

“Well, it’s odd my schizophrenia was an angel telling me to go to this house today. I wonder if Daryl’s home or not?” asked Larry to himself.

     Larry knocked on Daryl’s door. Daryl answered his door. Daryl had long brown hair and hazel eyes.

“Hello, I’m Daryl. How may I help you?” said Daryl with his eyes twinkling.

“Hello, I’m Larry. It’s nice to meet you. I heard that you’re looking for a roommate and a business partner,” said Larry.

“Yes I am. Please come in and I’ll interview you,” said Daryl.

     Daryl interviewed Larry. He liked that Larry took interest in doing production because that’s what he was looking to hire someone to do for him. He also liked that Larry told him he’d do upkeep work and would mow the lawn.

“You seem to be a great fit for both. Welcome here. When can you move in and start to work for me?” asked Daryl eagerly.

“Right away, today,” said Larry.

“That works for me,” said Daryl shaking Larry’s hand.

     Larry went right to work on Daryl’s production work. Daryl was impressed at how quickly Larry produced two boxes of parts for him. Daryl told Larry that was enough for the day.

     Daryl and Larry eventually became great business partners and even friends. Larry was also contacted by Asmelda again telling him that his life will now be alright. Larry decided to not take any medication and kept busy with his work. He hardly saw ghosts or Asmelda anymore. Perhaps he kept seeing ghosts and Asmelda from him not sleeping well enough on the streets?

     Now Larry’s happy that he has a good home, a good friend and a good job. He’s glad that he no longer has to live on the streets anymore. He eventually went back to see Gary but found out he too was a ghost and didn’t see him again. Larry eventually moved out of Daryl’s home and found a woman to love and lived a great life thereafter.

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