Larkspur House: Book 1

By @fboughroum

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Lou looked at the dollhouse. In there, there was a letter. She picked it up. It said: Dear Lou Geller,

You are warmly invited into a house that understands your wishes and dreams, and wants to help make them true. If you are interested in coming, The Larkspur House awaits you in Hard Scrabble Road. Scencirley, Marcus Larkspur.

Scared with fear, she had a choice. Choice 1: Go tell her mother. Choice 2: Stay there and convince herself the letter was a prank from her brother, Jack. Before she took a choice, the room went dark. She wasn’t home anymore. She was somewhere dark and scary. She cried out: “Hello! Anyone here?”. Her lips shook with fear. Then, she heard a groan. Then another groan. Then silence. The silence was even more scarier than the groans. Lou moved her head sideways. She opened her eyes. It was a dark night. She was sleepwalking again. “Lou!’, a voice called. ” Lou, were are you!” She noticed the voice. It was her father. “Lou”. He ran to her. “Thanks Heavens you are okay!” “What happened?” I asked. ” You went missing right in the middle of the night. Jack saw you with the dollhouse in the basement. Then, you ran out!”

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  1. CollisionOfFates

    Just a heads-up: Make sure you are not copywriting anything. Inspiration is great, but just make sure your ideas are your own. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also make sure you are using your own book cover! Just be aware.

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