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Lakeside Private High

By @Eclipsefromspace

Chapter 1

It was a cold chilly morning as a warm tone alarm filled the medium-sized bedroom. A slight movement came underneath a window sill where a girl’s bed was placed. The purple blanket was thrown off from her head as she snuggled into the rest for warmth.

Her form sat up onto the plush surface and the sea of blankets followed directly behind. A small shiver shot from her feet to the rest of her body as her feet touched the wooden floor.

Just like mice, her feet quickly scurried across the ground until they found the warmth of her slippers. Her eyes opened and she looked around the room; it was her final day waking up in her bedroom. Nothing had changed from the last time she redid everything, yet she still felt like she should search for anything different; nothing.

After the morning daze had left her mind, she finally started to get out of her warm bed. Her new uniform grabbed from her closet’s door and white knee-high socks joined it as they were both dragged into the conjoined bathroom.

Her tired face was reflected back to her as she looked into the mirror. It had shown her both her flaws and her perfections. Blue grayish eyes and messy blue hair ( Once red before their parent’s death.)

Bags underneath her eyes were now covered up with fountains. Messy hair tamed and traped by a white bow as her hair was moving straight down to her mid-back. The pajama set she had woken up with was now traded for her private school’s uniform.

The uniforms colors contained a white button-up that was covered up with a black and red blazer and a red tie. Her skirt was a black and red plaid pattern. White knee-high socks hugged her legs. She let out a bracket smile into the mirror and after she left the small bathroom.

Footsteps from upstairs could be heard as her brother had started to plate their breakfast. His blue eyes looked at the ceiling and followed along to the noise. He thought to himself as he finishes,’ Perfect timing.”

The youngest siblings’ head popped into the kitchen as a sighed followed her from the sight of set plates,” Jacob, you know you don’t have to this for me anymore.”

Jacob looked up from his plate with a smile as he responded to her comment,” I know baby sister, it’s just a small treat for you before you leave for your new school.”

A small glare shot up as the girl sat down on her hair and angrily demanded,” I told you to not use that nickname anymore! I am 16 now and you’re still treating me as if I was still a toddler.”

” Well, I’m sorry that you do not like it Eclipse, but since it has always been your nickname from me, It’s not going to change one bit; like it or not,” explained Jacob in a calm warm tone.

Eclipse looked up and nodded as she bit into her bacon,” I guess you do make a good point at that end,” her blue eyes looked down at her plate as she continued to speak,” But please don’t call me that when we get to the new school, I don’t want to…. never mind.”

A red eyebrow rose as her older brother finished her sentence for her, ” Get bullied again?”

Grey eyes now shot opened and she quickly threw her head up, the bacon swallowed roughly,” How did you know about that?”

A look of hurt filled Jacob’s eyes as he answered her,” I’m not as dumb as you think I am Eclipse, and with everything that was coming home with you. First of all, the school had called me and told me you were getting bullied and you were skipping your classes every single day; that isn’t normal for you baby sister. You are one of the smartest teenage girls I have met, but your grades are saying otherwise. Not to mention, all the notes you tried to hide away in your room and your backpack, ” Eclipse could see tears forming into his eyes as he continued to rant,” The leftover holes in your outdoor shoes from nothing other than tacks,” then he looked over at her as he shook his head to make it seemed like he wasn’t crying,” Why do you think you’re going to a private school this year? “

The younger girl nodded and looked down at her plate which she finished up her breakfast while staying silent. She didn’t know what to say nor did she meant for her brother to start crying. He knew all along and was hurting from it as much as she was.

After they cleaned up the kitchen, they grabbed the rest of Eclipse’s belongings and got out the door at seven. Eclipse let out a yawn as she reached into her backpack to receive her sketchbook with a customized covering.

Eclipse flipped to a half-done sketch that had a photo clipped to the top of the page; it was of a special place that both she and her old childhood friend had gone to all the time, well until they moved away that is.

A sigh was let out of the girl as she plugged in her earbuds and started to sketch out the rest of the photo. Pencil to paper sounds was blocked out of her hearing as she blasted her music as loud as the earbuds would let her.

The girl jumped up and looked over at her older brother as she took out her earbud,” Is everything okay?”

Jacob smiled and nodded when he answered,” It is, but you might want to look ahead of you.”

Her eyes darted to the windshield and saw they were already at the castle-like school, she tried to comprehend everything as she stated,” It didn’t feel like an hour.”

” Well, it’s probably because you were in your own little world during the ride over here. You were also blasting your music so loud I could barely hear my own on the car’s radio.,” chuckled Jacob.”

A small blush came from Eclipse as she whispered a small,” Sorry Jacob.”

He smiled sadly as he looked into his little sister’s eyes,” Well, this is your stop. I’ll see you during the break little sister.”

The youngest gave him a smile and ignored the fact he said that nickname so he can enjoy their good-bye. She gave him a hug when she unbuckled her seat belt and comforted him,” It’s going to be okay Jacob, I’ll call you when I get the chance to. Plus now you get the whole house to yourself!,” as Eclipse was halfway out of the car she added on,” I love you, big brother.”

The small red car that belonged to her brother pulled away and Eclipse stood out in front of the gates. She kept a small distance between her and the school as she tried t calm her nerves down. One deep breath had to lead her to put one foot in front of another as she made her way to her first day of school.

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