Kurt Fxcking Cobain

By @internal_oddities
Kurt Fxcking Cobain

Slam poem about my lovely father, mostly adding this for a creative writing class but hoping to actually start writing more.

Chapter 1

Slam Poem

Kurt Cobain

Should I have been a son?

Should I have died before I was born?

What could have made you hate me so much before I even took my first breath?

Was the needle you were shoving in your arm somehow softer than feeling my skin for the first time?

Did the metal burning off the spoon really feel warmer than feeling my heartbeat, my tiny heartbeat for the first time?

Were the white lines on the coffee table,

the white powder between the numbers on your credit cards,

and the endless nights of schizophrenic screaming truly worth you missing me say my name for the very. First. Time.


I was a misfits song.

I was your misfits song

you gave it to me, why dont you want to keep it now ?

And god you had to be Kurt ******* Cobain the way you held me in your arms and I never wanted you to let me go, that boisterous stoner laugh and that rockstar gleam in your eye!


You were not Kurt ******* Cobain,

And i wasnt Frances.

Not yet.

Was I not worth the fight when she took me away? Was I not worth clearing your nose for even a moment?


No fights.

No letters.

No calls.

“ an inmate from Fairfax County Detention Center is attempting-”

No. No. This is ********, hang up ! Its been eight years.

“ an inmate from Fairfax County Detention Center-”

No. No. Who do you think you are?! Now I matter more than that **** brown liquid you ruined our cereal spoons with??

“ an inmate from Fairfax County Detention Center is attempting to contact you”

Now, 18 years later,

Here I am.

Youre not Kurt ******* Cobain,

You never will be. But now,

I am Frances.

And I cant help but wonder… How many Nirvana albums did you shoot into your arm?

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