Legend among Legends

By @Pigrabbit93
Legend among Legends

A story, set in a fantastical world, full of many races, living and thriving together. Some in harmony, and others in dissension. Following the life of Kiyoko, a sage, who has seen trauma and pressed on. Based on Legendary Lives RPG

Inspired by: Legendary Lives RPG

Chapter 1

A Memory

  Nature is such a fascinating and strange thing.

Trees and grass alike, move at the presence of the wind and breeze surrounding you. The sound of a sharp whistle can sometimes be heard, cutting through the air like a knife, and yet the feel of it on your skin, is like a gentle caress. The river can be unforgiving, carrying you wherever it desires, no matter how hard you may fight it; but it is hard to deny the beauty of it’s strength and sereneness.

As Kiyoko, looked above, at the bright blue sky, she noticed how likened it was, to a bed. The sky being a vast blanket, sheltering and comforting the many souls in the world below; the clouds being pillows, roaming the skies, looking for someone they can comfort as well.

She closed her eyes, to take in everything surrounding her, feeling the sun’s rays on her skin and listening to the sound of every creature, that made themselves known. Kiyoko drifted away, as if becoming one with nature itself, but her thoughts began to swirl and change, morphing her thoughts of peaceful nature, into those of danger and chaos. She could see the fire, hear the screams of her mother and father, as she herself called out to them… Kiyoko was afraid and lost; she was watching her world in front of her, burn up like a scroll in a large fire. Reds and oranges, mixed with the crumbling wood around her, started to create a blackened smoke; it was strangling her, choking out every last bit of breath and life from her body, and then…

A hand.. a strong hand was pulling at her now, tearing off pillar after pillar, calling her name, “Kiyoko! Kiyoko..” The man began to cough, hurrying now, knowing not much time was left. “Kiyoko, can you hear me?.. ” the man whispered, as he held the young girl in his arms.

“Uncle Yuuto..” were the only words she could muster, in a whisper barely audible to the ear, but Yuuto could hear it, in fact he was glad to hear anything at all. She was safe; that’s what mattered. He pulled her from the rubble of the blackened temple, and sat with her, till she could open her eyes. Eventually she did open them, but not to look on her rescuer. She first wanted to gaze at the bright sky above her; she wanted to escape and be as the birds, flying overhead, chasing each other, to the ends of the earth.. To escape reality. She finally did look at her Uncle Yuuto, who had tears in his eyes, and she could not contain her own sorrow either. Her home, her parents; they’re gone now.. Kiyoko made no effort to hold back the tears, as she looked on her home, in ruins before her, moving her gaze to Uncle Yuuto, who could barely look at her, seeing all he lost, as well. A unique flute, made of the most beautiful wood, lay but a few feet away, hidden in the blackened grass.. Her father’s flute. With all the will and strength she could muster, she inched herself to the beautiful instrument, taking it in her hands. Curiosity would not permit her to look up, at her surroundings, but her focus now was on this small thing in her hands, which seemed untouched, by the fire. It wasn’t long, before her Uncle stirred from his quiet sorrow, and sat beside her, looking at the dark, wooden flute his brother made. “I think he would want you to have it..” Yuuto said, his voice startling her, as she did not expect to hear him speak. She just looked at him, but he gave her a warm, nurturing smile, before gently taking the flute from her hands and playing a short melody. For a few moments Kiyoko was able to escape this life and time, and be transcended among the heavens.

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