By @Pigrabbit93


By @Pigrabbit93

A biography of Kioko Hatsumoto

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Chapter 1


Many years ago, in the Eastern lands, lived a young girl by the name of Kioko Hatsumoto. Till the age of six, she lived with her parents, and Uncle, near a beautifully crafted, and decorated Temple. The only one of the village. Many people worshipped there, beneath the statues of their Ancestors and Gods. Kioko use to sneak from her home, late at night, while the moon was hanging low in the sky; and would make her way to the temple, to pray to her own ancestors; to pray for peace in the lives of her family. One night, as she was curled on a pillow in that peaceful place; she was awoken to the sound of nearby screams, and the smell of smoke. She hurried, to the place of the smoke, and found her family home was on fire..

Before she could think, she had already charged into the burning place, looking for her family, who were nowhere to be found. “Kioko!” Those were the screams of her mother.. Kioko followed every scream and whimper she could hear, amongst the chaos of the loud, crackling flames, in hopes that she could reach her parents.

She found them.. Buried beneath wooden beams, and dressers, in their bedroom. Her Father wasn’t stirring, but she was closer now, to them. She thought she could save them, but as she tugged on the hot wood, which was crushing her mother, the splinters began to tear into her own skin, causing her to bleed. The pleading look in the eyes of her mother, turned to a look of compassion, and then.. Parts of the crumbling structure fell on Kioko, pinning her to the ground, smoke and ash choking the breath from her body. She could hear her mother scream again, but this time for her daughter, who she wished she herself could save. All seemed lost to Kioko now, when a sudden burst in the flaming door, revealed a tall and older man; her Uncle Yuuto. He pulled her from the blackened home, and laid her on the grass, safe now, from harm. The rest of the house, became nothing more than a pile of wood and ash.. Claiming the lives of her mother and father.

Though tragedy left her heart in shambles, she took comfort, in a hand crafted flute, made by her father, which sat in the soot-ridden grass nearby.. It became her prized possession.

Her uncle was forced to find a new place to live and had to sell ownership of the land and temple, to a band of Corsairs. He took little Kioko in, and provided for her, till she came of age. She left his home, at 18, and started on a path of spirituality, connecting to her Ancestors, praying for her family, who she hoped made it to the Planes of Bliss.

In praying to her Ancestors, they showed her, in a dream, her path. She was to become a Sage and to learn from Nature. As one would learn from books. As an easterling, she still yet desired high knowledge, and still looked through many books, to achieve it. She became very skilled, in the craft of poisons, and used quick fighting and poison tipped daggers, as a way to gather meat, when in the wilderness.

Kioko can be shy, around strangers, but won’t shy away from a fight, when her abilities are doubted.

She fell in love with an Easterling man, named Atsuya, who’s long black hair, ice blue eyes and like Spirit, drew her in instantly. The connection didn’t last, when she made the hard decision, to send him away, after 2 years; claiming that Corsair pirates and hired thugs were after her, and she knew they would kill Atsuya, to prove a point. She doesn’t know what these people want, but she won’t wait around, to find out. Kioko travels, from wilderness, to wilderness; escaping deadly men, and seeking out lessons, among the land around her.

Now, at the age of 24, she has grown greatly, and continues to live free, among the trees. She wears poor, leather clothing, and doesn’t earn much money. But her Uncle sends messengers to find her, and give her generous amounts of money, each month. And now, Kioko wonders what else awaits her, in this life.. Perhaps an adventure is nearing.

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