Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

The story of Felix, an orphan who only wishes to know more about the family he never had, who is caught up in the middle of a rebellion after his village is destroyed by a mysterious man. He finds himself trapped in a complex game of betrayal, manipulation and loyalty. He finds out more about his old family and in the meantime gains a new one. Can the former blacksmith break free of this cycle and finally discover the truth about his parents?

Chapter 4

1, The Dragonkeep

Azrazel’s POV –

“Do you dare defy me?” I questioned the baron.

“No, my lord.” came as my reply. The fool knew not to question my decisions, after all I am the King.

“Azrazel, do not scare the new Baron!” demands Andromenda. There she is ordering me around. The only person in the whole Kingdom who could do that and not lose their head.The only person apart from my mother. But my mother rarely came to Beormia.

“Fine I won’t scare him. Let the court continue to judge the cases of the accused.” The guards bought the next criminal forward. A murderer, the judgement was quick. “Celestia is hungry, you will be her breakfast” I said, waving my gloved left hand idly.

Remembering the great dragon, I proclaim, “Queen Andromenda Elder, my wife, will continue to judge the cases of the accused in my absence.” Andromenda did not question my decisions as she knew my intention due to the mental link that we shared.

As I approach the section of the castles forest that was forbidden to all but the royal family, I speed up as an ear shattering roar sounded out. The plain in the forest was inhabited by two massive creatures, the largest being roughly twice the size of the Dragonkeep. One had a long serpentine body, with a proportionately long neck and tail. The deep violet coloured body had scales, as well as spiny horns which ran down the back from head to tail. It had six limbs: two powerful, large back legs, two shorter front legs and two large wings attached to its massive, broad back, similar in shape and texture to a bat’s. The triangular face had teeth as long and sharp as swords with the claws being the same. The dragon had particularly large ridges of horns that framed the edges of its face, running along the back of the skull and along the jawline. The biggest of these were twin horns at the top of its head. The second dragon was the same but smaller and black in colour.

I call to the violet one as I walk to a cabin at the edge of the plain. Within the cabin is two saddles built to fit the dragons. I pick up the largest one which was black and fasten it between two spiny, horns on the back of the dragon, close to where the neck met the back, where a small, raised bump lay.

I remove the clasp for the cape I was wearing and let it come off, falling in a neat pile within the cabin. I take a pitch black travelling cloak and put it on. I slide a glove onto my right hand and strap on a gauntlet to my already gloved left hand. My cloak falls respectfully behind me as I sit onto the dragon and say “Celestia, my magnificent dragon, you know where to go, so take flight.” The black dragon, Drakath, stands back as his mother flaps her powerful wings and takes to the skies.

A short while later, I am in a vast tower, in the second city- Geel’arda, next to a similarly clad young man of around one hundred who resembles me when I was at that age. The same pale complexion, same dark black hair. All the same except his eyes, his were coal black like his dragon, Drakath but mine were the same colour as mine, Celestia.

” Prophyx, how does the running go for my heir and his dreaded dragon?” I question. ” It goes well, father. Except from the rebels marching closer to my city.” Prophyx replies.

” Do not worry, I have a plan for them.” I assure him. And I did, they would tremble before me when I began the end of their revolt. “Let us not ponder on the future and focus on the present. Inform me of the current situation. ” I demand.

“Of course, father. ” Prophyx replies. He lays a large map of the city on the table and several mystical projections appear. he points to the red hazed areas of the map and begins his report.” The rebels have captured Vaisirra, Dolentia and Mondager. They have annexed or captured several smaller towns and villages and have sent messengers to Elvenire and Dur Veera seeking to make alliances with the Dwarves and Elves. Halksbon and Anaksar still remain under our control but the Anaksari grow restless and desire bloodshed and the Halksbonic people seem to be at the point of joining the rebellion by providing supplies and even soldiers.” Prophyx points to a projection of an eagle clutching a rose, the insignia of the rebellion, who call themselves the Gateria – meaning saviour, and thinks carefully before carrying on and says that “This is where the Gateria’s current camp approximately is, but a strong mental presence stops us from getting a precise location”

” Could it be your uncle Braven, returned from the dead, or just a strong network of Mentalist Mages?” I ask, not wanting a response yet I get one, not from Prophyx but from Celestia.

Allow me to find them and burn them to the ground for ever disobeying you then I can check the remains for your brother.” says the dragon. “No”, I think. “I want to play a game with them first.” I ponder some more on this rebellion and then settle on distracting myself by summoning wraiths and breaking them to my will. After each becomes obedient to me, and me alone, I place them into several items and allow Prophyx to imprint on them so that they also do his bidding. Simple Necromancy, what I wouldn’t give to be a student once more.

” Where are the captured rebels? ” I ask, returning to business. “The dungeon.” My son replies.

That is good. Moving silently, I rise and descend the tower until I close in on their cells, and reach out with my consciousness until I feel the bubbles of life that is the captured rebels. I use my power to push all of these bubbles except one until they pop. I quickly add the released mana to the store that resides on the entrapped star in my ring.

Grabbing the remaining rebel, I take him to a deserted room and tie him to a slab of stone. I take a roll of cloth from the wall and spread out the knives within. I grasp a small one and shove it into his flesh.” Where is the rebel outpost?” I question. He refuses to answer so I use a variety of knives until I resort to worse forms of torture. I enter his mind like a drill and lay out his memories and knowledge before me. I extract the location and then select the worst memories he possesses and play them in an eternal loop in his mind, he shrieks from the pain of hundreds of wounds being reopened and immediately healing, only to open again. To prevent this affecting me, I link this loop to his soul so that eventually this painful cycle will kill him.

With my new found knowledge of the rebellion and its plans, I turn and walk to where Celestia is waiting for me. I know what to do. Sending my thoughts to my dragon, I think “Let’s raze some villages to the ground.” That would teach the rebels a lesson. After such a long time, such destruction and murder would be fun…

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