Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

The story of Felix, an orphan who only wishes to know more about the family he never had, who is caught up in the middle of a rebellion after his village is destroyed by a mysterious man. He finds himself trapped in a complex game of betrayal, manipulation and loyalty. He finds out more about his old family and in the meantime gains a new one. Can the former blacksmith break free of this cycle and finally discover the truth about his parents?

Chapter 3



It was the Day of the Stars. I loved the Day of the Stars. Not only was it a holiday for all but it was the day when Great Grandfather Jon told his stories.

Jon wasn’t my actual Great Grandfather but it was easier than calling him Uncle Jon when everyone else called him Great Grandfather, in a way it made me feel less alienated .

I sprinted through the village after leaving the forges in order to reach the farm, my sight lost in a daydream of the old man with his long stemmed pipe in his mouth by the fire, spouting his centuries old stories, after all, the man claimed to be around five hundred.

Just before the villages only tavern, The Needle and Thread, I was approached by a young boy, his high pitched, annoying voice pulling me from my mental respite. Black hair and dark eyes opposing my own blonde hair and green eyes, the boy was seventeen, same age as me . But I wasn’t the one considered a prick by nearly everyone.

“Hey there, Nofather.” Daujers proclaimed. Daujers was the only one to call me by the surname that showed my lack of known parents. “How you doing, ********? ” was my answer. ” Well, at least I know my mother, Felix. ” he said. I crudely replied with ” How’s your mother? Still having sex with some fat old man I reckon. You never know, he could be your father with all the business that your mother has lately.” Daujers flew out with his fist and knew that he had made a mistake. I worked as a blacksmith after all. I could not hide my frustration as I scared Daujers off.

” Move the **** out of my way, Daujers , or so help me Chaos, I’ll beat the **** out of you.” I swore. Several minutes later, I walked away from a squirming Daujers and continued on my way until I left Corpra, the name of our village, and started the path towards entering the farm, which lay on the outskirts.

Just as I entered, I wished that I hadn’t, I could see Great Grandfather Jon standing in the front room and having an intense argument with a cloaked man through a gap in the thick, oaken door that also barred me from catching any conversation except for the occasional snippet.

The door opened and I hid by the coat rack. I did not want a hiding on my favourite day of the year.

A strange voice spoke out, melodious and deep, ” **** it Jon, it’s been nigh on five hundred years but you still refuse to let me back.” I tensed, whoever this was, he wasn’t allowed into the village, but was here anyway, and was as old as Great Grandfather Jon.

” Listen here brother, the terms of outcastship are clear, until the seven, who drew the marks, all die, the outcast may not return.” the beloved voice of the man who raised me said.

“Is that so? Well then I shall have to get rid of you, seeing as you are the only one who stands in my way.” Said the stranger.

” DRAKAURYS” The Outcast Spoke, his voice full of hate and agony, venom dripping from his tongue.

What happened next was a mystery to me. The farm erupted in flames and a loud thud signified the death of my Uncle Jon.

I ran, turning my back on the farm, the place of misery, and ran. When I reached the edge of the village, I turned around. The fire had spread, and the whole place was nearly alight. Yet the entrapped Star, that gave the day it’s name, still shone from the Barons castle.

I faced forward and saw many other beams of light shining in the distance. The brightest of all coming from the Dragonkeep, in A’rubael, the capital. I made my mind, I would follow the beams to the nearest town and pave my path in life from there.

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