Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

Kingslayer Part 1: The Fall.(Children Of Fate Book 1)

By @EzraLord

The story of Felix, an orphan who only wishes to know more about the family he never had, who is caught up in the middle of a rebellion after his village is destroyed by a mysterious man. He finds himself trapped in a complex game of betrayal, manipulation and loyalty. He finds out more about his old family and in the meantime gains a new one. Can the former blacksmith break free of this cycle and finally discover the truth about his parents?

Chapter 1


A/N – This book is also on Wattpad and has been directly copied from there. It will be updated there quicker so if you want speedy updates or the full edited version you can find it there (my username on Wattpad is also the same)

Before I begin the narrative, I would like to inform you of three things. The first is that I am a teenager and British, so please hold that in mind if you find any historical or grammatical mistakes e.g. spellings that are different than the one used in your country (like grey instead of gray). The second thing is that this book contains several swears so please be forewarned. The last thing is that there are several differences between the world of Beormia, where the story is set, and our own. I am only saying this so that you are forewarned and not confused.

The first major difference is that in Beormia there is a high amount of magic and therefore Magicians/ Sorcerers. This means that a lot of impossible things happen, so I do not want people telling me that something in this book defies logic like some people previously have.

The second difference is that this story is so obviously not set in the modern world. It is set in a medieval continent known as Beormia which is now Britain(ish). As I like to think of it, the events of this tale happens around four thousand years before the rise of King Arthur.

The last difference is that Mages live longer than ordinary people. Most living to be around 300 but Quandoren and Azrazel exceed this.

Now that I have been through the differences, I would like to say that I would appreciate comments to help me improve. I also do not want people publishing this work without contacting me or to share it as their own at all. Fan fiction and fan art however may be done freely and without consent as long as you acknowledge that I have not written, commissioned or copied it in anyway. However, if you are going to create fan art please do send it to me as I may make it an official concept design( I need a cover!!!)

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