Kingdom SilverKeep Series White Owl Short Book

By @ArianaL614

Kingdom SilverKeep Series White Owl Short Book

By @ArianaL614

This is a short book so the description is a different: Now there are flying bugs! But how? Lets hope they will figure it out in time before its to late, or is it already to late?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The White Owl Team 4th Anniversary

I wake up and make breakfast, right when I finish setting the table Oliver Niki and Hann wake up and walk out. “Wow, Rose what is happening today?” Hann asked. “Today is our 4th anniversary of this team.” I said. Niki jumped up and down. “I can’t believe it’s finally here. Your mom has been helping me with a surprise.” Niki said, we all laughed, we sat down and ate. “Isn’t Jaydon coming home tomorrow?” Hann asked, I nodded. After breakfast we went downstairs. “Hey, Rose do you think today will be quiet and nice?” Oliver asked. “That will be nice.” I said, then I heard somebody come at the door. “Niki door cam.” I said, the Niki pulled that door camera up. “It looks like Niki and Oliver’s little brother is here.” Hann said, Niki ran to the elevator and opened the door, he sometimes works for us since he is a police officer, she brought him downstairs. “Hey Rose, Hann and Oliver.” Jakub said, we waved. “I come to drop this gift off for your basement.” Jakub said, and gave the box to Hann. 

She opened the box and pulled the tech out and opened it and 10 paintings went on the wall. 5 were us and the other 5 were our special talents. “They’re awesome.” Oliver said, I agreed and Hann did too. Since Jakub was a painter, he didn’t have to make a painter make them and you know. He stayed for a while then left since he had a sale in one hour, we said bye. “Oh, you guys the surprise is at the castle at 10 tonight don’t be late.” Niki said walking out. “Where are you going?” I asked. “Clothes shopping for us, we need a new ware drop, since this year is almost over.” Niki said, I laughed, and she left. “We got something.” Oliver said. I walked over to see what it was. “What is Oliver?” I asked. “It’s giant bugs.” Oliver said, me and Hann looked at him. “Yeah, I did make this stuff.” Oliver said. “Suit up.” I said, me and Hann grabbed our suits and she got on her bike and flew to the location that Oliver sent us. “Okay, so if you guys kill them, bring them to the lab for Niki and me.” Oliver said. “Alright.” Hann said, when we got there Kane and Kara were there. 

“Hey guys.” Kara said, and Hann smiled. “Alright giant bugs. Where from Oliver?” I asked. “The north side, there is about 8 in the group.” Oliver said. “Okay.” Kane said. I closed my eyes; I saw them fast. I signaled to Hann who said, “They’re coming in fast.” I opened my eyes and shot an arrow, I flew up and flapped my wings fast knocking them towards the team’s spots, since Kane and Kara have three heroes on their team, they got 4, and we got. I flew down near Hann, we looked at each other and nodded. I made a flat platform on my wings and Hann ran and jumped off them, side flipping putting two bombs on two bugs, and landed down. Since they remembered Oliver of a DC movie, these bombs were ringing bombs. When the bomb went off they rang but it backfired, not really but the ringing got to me. I covered my ears, and one fell, the others fell back. Then the ringing stopped, I killed the bug on the floor. “We will take from here Kane.” I said, “Yeah, since our team had Oliver and Niki.” Hann said, I grabbed and teleported it to the base. Me and Hann returned to the base. A little bit after Oliver and I opened the bug Niki got home and put her bags down and went downstairs. “I listened to the news.” Niki said, and changed into her doc clothes.

After they opened the bug, they started taking samples of the blood and everything else. When Niki was done with the blood, she almost dropped it. “What’s wrong?” Oliver asked. “Rose, if the ringing affected you and the bugs. Then whoever made these things got to your blood a few months back.” Niki said. “That’s not good.” Me and Hann said. “Yeah, so them attacking the streets means we have an evil scientist on our hands. Not good at all.” Niki said. “Alright, it looks like there is tech on this thing, so Oliver you figure out what is and back trace it then me and Hann will check it out.” I said, then he got to work on the tech, Niki began to work on bugs more, figuring out how to kill it without killing me. This is our team anniversary. After we spent the whole day working, I got up and said, “Everybody stop working, we are going out.” I said, we got dressed and put the alarm on from our phones and we got in the self-driving car Oliver and Niki finished a few weeks ago. Niki put in the directions to the castle, we walked in and saw it was a big party. “Niki you did all of this for the team?” I asked. “I sure did, I was never part of a big amazing family before.” Niki said, we all smiled and thanked her. Oliver gave his sister a hug. My mom walked out and welcomed us, then the party started, we ate and drank and Hann almost drunk. We danced for a while. I stopped Hann from drinking while dancing, she got drunk, but we brought the drunk sucker with us. So, it pulls out the alcohol in her just in case. The party went on for three hours, we got home and went to sleep. The alarm didn’t go off so they were planning an attack, and they will attack again.

The next morning Hann made breakfast. After breakfast we went downstairs, and I smelled a wolf. They didn’t go downstairs so I knew it was Jaydon. We talked for a few, and then the alarm went off. We ran over to see what was going on. “There is a bug attack on Pine River street.” Niki said, “Then let’s suit up.” I said, Niki and Oliver upgraded Jaydon’s suit to our type of suits, so he could talk through our mics too. Jaydon took some wolves with us, and we got to Pine Street. Feeling weak I fell on one knee. Then Niki sent a needle over to Hann and put it in me. “What was in that?” I asked. 

“It’s not bad, it will disconnect you from the bugs.” Niki said over the mics. “Alright then let’s kick some bug’s butts.” I said, I gave everybody an earpiece, we put them in our ears and then I gave them a beeping alarm. I kept one for myself. We turned them all one at the same time and a loud beeping sound echoed in the air. The bugs screeched and a few of them fell and the rest left. Two of them fell. One of the bugs had a camera on its forehead. I teleported both of them to Niki and Oliver, we drove back to the base. We walked downstairs; I took off my hood. Niki and Oliver were working on the camera from the first bug. Hann was working on finding Kevin, then an alarm went off. “Found him.” Hann said, she showed the location. “Everybody stays here.” I said, Hann nodded. I walked out and put my hood on and got my bike. I drove to the small town called HoneToon. I parked my bike; I saw Kevin walking in an alley. I walked towards it and peeked behind the wall. He was talking to somebody in a hood sweatshirt. “I need more time.” He said. “I don’t have time; I need it now I need it finished now.” Kevin said, he punched the other guy in the face passing him out, then Kevin walked out. I was just about to punch him, but he put a needle in me, he put something in me. I slid down the wall, I closed my eyes and passed out.  

 I woke up 30 minutes later. I grabbed the stranger and teleported him to the base, I drove to the base. Hann and Jaydon locked up the stranger then a few minutes later he woke up. I pulled up a chair next to the cell, I sat down and smiled and looked at him, and he looked at me and smiled back. “So, what’s your name?” I asked, he looked at me and he shrugged. “Alright then we can do this the easy way with no pain, or the hard way with a world of pain.” I said. “Neither.” He said. “Not a choice, but I already tried the nice way, so I guess it’s hard then.” I said, he looked at me and laid down on the bed.      

I closed my eyes and got in his head, he tried to push me out, but I pushed in. I learned his name “Lander Maze” and that he was helping Kevin with the bugs, it seems like Pine Snow wasn’t the one with the attacks, she was trying to help cure things that the government wasn’t working on. I opened my eyes, he slammed the glass, I walked out the room, Hann, Oliver, Niki and Jaydon were looking at me. I sat down at my desk in my chair. “He went rogue.” I said. “So, he was the attacker?” Niki asked, I nodded. “So, Kevin is going to find Snow Pine and kill her, so we need to find her.” I said, Jaydon nodded. I stood up and gave him a coat from the Snow Pines office that I grabbed before the place blew up. He smiled at the coat he took three other wolves and they ran off following Snow Pine’s smell.

I walked upstairs, and to the roof. It started to snow. I laid down on the roof spreading my wings out, Star flew down and snuggling under my arms. Star loves the snow, so she was joining the snow. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up and everything was dark. The snow on the ground was black, the rain was red. The snow was black and red. The trees were dripping with blood, the river was running with darkness. I fell down the ground seeing bodies all over the place covered in black.

I woke Star flying in the snow, I sat up and shook my head. Star flew down on my shoulder and nipped on my ear, I petted her and then she flew off playing with the snow. I went downstairs, I walked in my bathroom and cleaned my wings, I shocked out the snow. I put my wings in my back, I laid down on my bed. I started to grow fearful about my dreams if they would come to pass, if what I am dreaming is really going to happen if everybody I love will die and everything will drop in blood and black. Star flew in from my window, she sat down on her stick thing. I fed her and she flew in her house and fell asleep. I put her favorite blanket on her, she fell asleep on a pillow. I thought it was cute. I took a picture of it and walked out of my room turning on my nightlight and turned off the main light. I closed the door behind me, I walked to the kitchen and grabbed a snack. I sat down at the table and said. “Some anniversary.” I ate my cheese and crackers.

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