Kingdom SilverKeep Series: White Owl of Kingdom SilverKeep

By @ArianaL614
Kingdom SilverKeep Series: White Owl of Kingdom SilverKeep

Join Rose, Oliver, Niki, Kane, Kara and Hann, and Jaydon in their adventures that lead to one big gang. They call themselves the BlueFoxes; they sneak in the shadows; nobody has been able to catch them, but they haven’t met the White Owl Team. Will it end good for them or bad? Once a princess now a hero with a whole team of heroes and a wolf that has some of Rose's powers but he shifts into a wolf.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: In the Year 2020

I made a portal and jumped. I grabbed my bow and shot at the target, I kicked backwards. I flipped and jumped in the air. I grabbed my side weapons with both hands. I put them together like a stick and did a handstand on it, my legs kicking the practice dummy. I broke my staff in half and threw the left one at the dummy, getting a bull’s eye.

I grabbed my weapons, sat down and cleaned them from practice. I saw guards running to the gates. I hid my weapons, since I’m the princess and shouldn’t be practicing fighting. I ran to my father’s throne room. 

“What’s going on, father?” I asked.

“Nothing, my dear sweet Rose,” Father said. 

Rose is my name and I’m 11. I went to my room and looked down at Kingdom SilverKeep. 

I saw the guards close the iron bar gate. I saw my best friend Frey give the soldiers orders. I want to be just like her one day and not rule this kingdom. I’m an only child so I really have no choice unless my mother has another child. Honestly, I’m the only child that didn’t die at birth, so I hope the next baby lives. The guards got their weapons ready. Then there was an explosion from outside, and under my feet the ground shook. The bomb took out my wall. The tower came down.   

I grabbed my suit, my white leather suit with an owl on it and a hoodie that covers my eyes and is shaped like an owl. I made sure I had all my weapons. Luckily my mother wasn’t home today. She is in America, and we live in London. I grabbed my arrows, took a few steps back and jumped out the window, putting an arrow on the string of my bow, ready to shoot if I had to. I back-flipped to the ground, landing on hay. The tower collapsed behind me. I got out of the hay and ran through my secret exit in the castle wall and out of Kingdom SilverKeep.

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