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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Invitation: End

Jasper got back into the car and started punching the passenger seat in frustration. After he “calmed down,” he sat back in the seat and looked back at the diner. 

“Congratulations, *******. You ruined everything,” He said to himself. he closed his eyes for a second and took a deep breath. “I should apologize. She put so much work into this. The least I could do is enjoy it.” Jasper tried to open the door but found that it was locked. He tried the driver’s side door and had no luck. “What the–“

“New destination entered. The arrival time on the route is 6:28 pm,” The car said.

“That’s over three hours! Cancel!”

“Sorry, Jasper. I can not edit the route at this time. The car said. Also, congratulations.”

Jasper’s blood ran cold when he heard the car’s words. “How did…” Suddenly, a low hiss started to come out of the air vents. At first, it was just the air freshener, but then asper started feeling dizzy. “Hey! Emily! Let me out,” Jasper said, banging on the window, coughing violently. “Em!” His vision started to darken as he slumped forward. He lifts his head and notices the car beginning to move. Through the tinted glass, he could barely make out Ben running to the car before everything went completely black. 


The next time Jasper woke up, he wasn’t in the car anymore. The room he was looked like a movie theater. He noticed he wasn’t the only one there. Several other people when still knocked out. “Where am I?” Jasper slurred.

“Shh,” A voice whispered next to him. “Don’t look at me and listen. Don’t say anything. The last time someone talked, they were put back to sleep. Just keep your eyes shut and don’t move.”

Jasper was about to say something when the door to the theater opened, and two people carried someone to an empty seat and sat them down. One glanced around the theater before they left. They had their faces covered and wore black and white suites. 

“Hey, you still awake? Whatever they drugged us with makes you disoriented. You may be going in and out right now. Hey, 99. Can you hear me?”

“99?” Jasper asked, starting to get some strength back. My name’s Jasper.”

“Jasper? That’s a cool name. I’m Franklin or 88. Whichever you prefer, it’s on your shirt.”

Jasper looked down and noticed he wasn’t wearing the same clothes he was earlier. They had him in a blue sweatsuit with a back shirt with the number 99 on the breast pocket. “They changed me?”

“They did that to everyone. I don’t know how long we’ve been here. I wonder if it’s still night outside? Franklin asked.

Night? It was bright out last time I checked,” Jasper said, trying not to panic. “I was with my family when… never mind. How the hell did I get here?”

“I don’t–“

“WHAT THE ****?!” Someone screamed in the theater. That started a chain reaction of panic. Everyone started to wake up at once. 

“Well, ****,” Franklin said. 

The screen in front of them turned on, and the last person Jasper thought he would see today appeared on the screen with that same digital mask and the same fake smile.

“Hello, everyone. You’ve all been chosen to participate in The King of the World Competition. I’m your host, The 23rd King. But, please, call me King.”

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