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King of the World

By @Briannag288


One Month Later

“Where do you want this, bro,” Dom asked, carrying a box. 

“Um, I think that’s Ronda’s, so you can put it in her office,” Jasper said, sitting on the steps of his new home. Zone 10 was even better than he expected. Since no one could afford to go there, let alone live there, it was unbelievably clean. He and Ronda had bought a mini-mansion in the heart of the Zone. “Thanks for helping out.”

“No problem. Thanks for making me a knight. I would’ve rather been Ema’s knight, but this works too,” Dom said, setting Ronda’s box inside her office.

“Where is she anyway?” Jasper asked.

“Settling in. Probably in her study reading something. I can hardly get her to come out.”

“She’s liking her new place then?”

“Oh, yeah. We both are. Zone 10 is way different than my old Zone. It’s quiet. Have you seen the others?”

“Josh and Jasmine are on their way. I sent them to get some last-minute stuff for the house warming party. Ben and Emily are in their new homes, so they should be here soon. Ronda is still unpacking upstairs with Amber. Franklin is chilling with his sister in Zone 5. Is that everyone?” Jasper asked.

“What about that Taylor guy?” Dom asked.

“Oh yeah, he’s enjoying being head of my security. He’s been super busy, but he said he’d be here.”

“Sweet,” Dom said, sitting on the stairs. “Can’t believe it’s been a month.”

“Seriously. It feels like yesterday when I was being tortured, and everyone was killing each other,” Jasper said.

“I wish you were joking,” Dom said. 

“So was I. I still have nightmares about it. I still hear the screaming of the other players. They ask me why I made it, and they didn’t.”

“At least you’re not alone. We all have those nightmares. No amount of therapy will fix that. We just have to live with it. Not much we can do,” Dom said, standing up. “Oh! I see peps pulling up. Ready to get this party started. The nightmares can wait.”

Jasper looked up at Dom and smiled. “Hell yeah, they can.”

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