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King of the World

By @Briannag288


Amber sat with Dom, Ema, and Jasmine and got each of their stories. Dom went into extra details that she didn’t ask for but still listened to even though she wanted to tell him to stop.

“And then he turned to a pile of gore. Like it sliced him up into pieces. We would’ve been toast if Jasper didn’t tell us what to do. I mean, Ema was the one who thought of it first, but still. Bro saved my life,” Dom said. 

“You call everyone, bro?” AMber asked. “Not that it’s a bad thing.”

“Yeah, I know it gets annoying, but it’s what I do,” Dom said, looking over at Ema and smiling. 

“What?” Ema asked.

“Nothing,” Dom said.

“We all thought it was just a game, but it’s more than that. I’ve never met King in person, but he gave off an intimidating vibe,” Jasmine said. “You would have to be to come up with these messed-up games.”

“I appreciate you guys giving me the full story. I feel bad having you relive it,” Amber said, typing on her phone. 

“No worries. Even if we don’t want to, we won’t forget it. I just want to go to sleep,” Ema said, resting her head on Dom’s shoulder. 

“She likes me,” Dom said.

“Pillows don’t talk,” Ema said, pretending to sleep.

“We got to hide!” Taylor said, bursting through the door. “A bunch of those black-masked guys are coming this way!”

“Hide where? They’ll find us,” Amber said.

Taylor grabbed her hand and ran behind the truck full of bodies. Dom, Ema, and Jasmine followed. “What smells so bad?” Ema asked.

“Bodies,” Amber said, trying not to vomit again. “In the truck.”

“Seriously?” Dom asked. “That’s gross. Is it bad that I kinda want to see?”

“Yes!” Jasmine said.

The sound of boots running flooded the room. “Come out; we know you’re in here. King has ordered that us to assist you. If anyone is injured, please come out, and we will assist,” One of the blanks said.

“How can you sound helpful and scary at the same time?” Jasmine asked.

“I don’t trust them. I mean, we saw them slaughter all those other players as soon as we pop our heads out. Bam! Dead,” Ema said.

“I’m with her,” Amber said. “I didn’t plan on dying today.”

“The new king has declared that no harm shall come to any of you,” The led blank said.

“Hold on, new? Someone actually won?” Dom asked. He stuck his head up. 

“Get down, idiot!” Ema said.

“Who’s the new king?” Dom asked.

“King didn’t instruct us to give out that information. Are you hurt?”

Dom looked himself over. “No, but this guy is bleeding.” He pointed to Taylor.

“Dude!” Taylor said, standing up. 

“For the love of…” Amber said, standing up. Jasmine and Ema did the same. 

“Is that all of you?” The blank asked.

“Yep,” Taylor said.

The lead blank turned to the others and said something. The next thing they knew, they were swarmed by the blanks. Taylor was sat down, and his wound was dressed correctly. Taylor looked over at Amber and said, “Whoever this new king is, I owe them one.” 

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