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King of the World

By @Briannag288

The Boy in the Glass Box: End

“Have you gone insane?” Ben asked. “Do you hear yourself?” Ben pushed Emily behind him. 

“Jasper, this isn’t you. You won’t do that,” Emily said, trembling. 

“I can’t let you do that,” Jason said, raising his funds to Jasper’s head. “I won’t let you kill Emily. I know you don’t want to. It’s Exceed talking. Madness is a side effect. It magnifies the pain of the person it infects.” Jason looked at Emily. “You need to get out of here. If he kills you…I-I don’t know what I’d do.”

“Jason,” Emily said. 

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you everything from the beginning. I knew what would happen from the start and went along with it. I’ve killed so many people. I can never make up for it. But I won’t let them hurt you.”

Lance sighed. “I knew I should’ve killed you a long time ago.” Lance snapped his fingers. For a moment, nothing happened but then…BANG! A bullet pierced Jason’s body. Then another. Then ten more. Jason’s body fell to the ground. 

“NO!” Emily said, running over to him. She wrapped her arms around his bloody body. “JASON!”

“That’s one. It looks like we need two more knights for you,” Lance said. “I promise you’ll meet again. Very soon, Emily.”

“**** YOU!” Emily screamed. “Jason, please! Don’t die.”

“Em,” Ben said.

“NO! HE CAN’T BE DEAD. HE CAN’T!” Emily screamed. 

“I can’t kill Josh or Franklin. They’ve already been chosen as your knights.” Lance held out a blade to Jasper. “Use this. It’s supposed to be symbolic, passed down from one King to another. It should do the job. Take it and become The Fifth King.”

Jasper reached out and took the blade. Examining it before looking back at Ben. “You first,” Jasper said, smiling.

“You want to kill me? Go ahead and try. But leave Em out of this,” Ben said.

“No,” Jasper said, marching to Ben’s position. Holding the blade out and pointing it towards Ben’s heart. “Any last words, brother?”

“Screw you and that freak,” Ben spat.

Lance crossed the room. “How rude. You dare talk to your King like that?”

“It’s just a title. You don’t rule anything.” Ben turned to Jasper. “I don’t know what Exeed is, but I know you’re not a killer.”

“He’s seen more death than any soldier. I made him watch over two hundred people die. Each death was more painful than the last. He’s experienced pain you could only dream of. I can’t wait to watch you die. Go on, Jasper. Kill him. Show him your pain and…” Lance froze. A dull pain resonated in his chest. He looked down and saw a blade sticking out of his chest. When he looked up, he saw Jasper’s hand was at the end of it. “What?” Jasper shoved the blade deeper into Lance’s chest. Piercing his heart. “I don’t…understand.”

“Do whatever it takes,” Jasper said. He looked straight into Lance’s eyes. “Whatever it takes. I promised myself I’d do whatever it takes to break free of this hell.”

Lance’s body crumbled to the ground. The room was quiet. No one moved a muscle, and then…laughter. Twisted laughter spewed out of Lance’s mouth. “So this is what death feels like? I’d never imagined it would hurt this much. Is this how those unworthy players felt? Now, this is funny,” Lance laughed. “Well done, King. Well…done.” 

“Shut up and die already,” Jasper said.

With one last breath, Lance smiled. Blood ran down the side of his mouth as he said, “At once…my King.”

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