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King of the World

By @Briannag288


The Jet slowly landed on a large patch of grass. As they descended, Ben noticed the large number of guards waiting for them. All of them had masks on. 

“Okay, here’s the plan. Amber and Taylor. Both of you stay here. Emily and I will go get Jasper,” Ben said, collecting his things. 

“Better plan, we all go, and I get to see the competition up close. If there’s a story here, I want to expose it. Dangerous or not, I didn’t come all this way to sit back and chill on a jet,” Amber said, taking pictures of the complex.

“Negatory good buddy, You think I was just your ride. Hell no. I’m with Amber. I want to look around too,” Taylor said. “Besides, who sends an army to meet someone? They’re a bit creepy. Aren’t they?”

“Oh! I know them. The blank masked guys are King’s guards. Each knight gets their guards. Normally they have the knights symbol on their masks to tell them apart,” Amber said. “Glad you brought me now?”

Ben ignored her and stood up. “I’ll make sure it’s safe.”

“We’ll make sure it’s safe,” Taylor said, slapping his hand on Ben’s shoulder. Ben rolled his eyes and went outside. Taylor following behind him.

Emily looked out the window and watched them approach a guard with a heart mask. They talked for a moment before three blank masked guards headed for the Jet. “I think they’re coming this way,” Emily said. 

“That note did say both of you,” Amber said, watching the guards approach too. “Ben looks ******.”

“When doesn’t he?” Emily said. The door to the Jet opened, and the guards boarded. They looked around and then walked over to the two of them. “Hi?”

“Emily Elizabeth Jones?” The lead guard asked. “The King requests your attendance.” 

“What about my friend here?” Emily asked, gesturing to Amber.

“The King requests your attendance. Only yours and Benjamin’s attendance. All others will remain here.” Just as he said that, Taylor was pushed back onto the Jet. 

“I can walk!” Taylor yelled. 

Emily stood up and walked over to them. “Okay, take me to him.”

“Em,” Amber said.

“It’s okay. We’ll be back soon,” Emily said, forcing a smile. She followed them off the Jet. 

“Talk about rude,” Taylor said, sitting next to Amber. “Why do I feel like we just walked into a trap?”

“Do they really expect us to wait here?” Amber asked, watching them take Emily and Ben inside. 

“Hmm, no,” Taylor said, standing up and grabbing his bag. “We’re going on an adventure too.”

“I like your style, but those guys look serious. How are we going to get close?” Amber asked.

Taylor watched the remaining guards. None of them moved, but they went back to watching the entrance. When one turned around, Taylor could swear he saw the glint of a gun handle.

“Something’s not right. They’re armed,” Taylor pointed to the guard. “See it? In their pocket.”

“Not really.”

“Guess that training did pay off. Here I thought it was a waste of time,” Taylor said, sitting his bag down and searching through it. “Here.” He handed her a knife. “If things get dicey, you need to protect yourself.”

“Why do you have this?” Amber asked, playing the knife in her belt.

“I’m a part of the dispatch team. Which means making sure other agents are well equipped before going on missions. I got more toys if that’s not your style,” Taylor grinned. “I think you prefer your phone, right?”

“Shut up. Like you know me.”

“I did read your file—kind of. Oh, and before I forget. I’m deputizing you as a field agent. As of right now, you’re Agent Amber.”

“I’d rather die than work for the government,” Amber scoffed.

Taylor looked behind her and saw a blinking light that wasn’t there before. “You might wanna watch what you say. We need to move. Now!” Taylor grabbed her wrist and pulled her off the Jet. Just in time before the bomb went off.


Ben and Emily were lead through the maze of hallways that led to the main building. Once inside the main building, the guards led them to an elevator.

“King is waiting for you on his floor. Once on King’s floor, follow the hallway straight down. A set of double doors will be waiting. Don’t go anywhere else,” The guard said as the elevator doors opened. 

“Come on, Em,” Ben said, moving into the elevator. They rode the elevator up to King’s floor. “Em, listen to me; I want you to stay calm, okay? I know you’re scared. Don’t show any fear. Mom always called you the soldier, and she was the general. You’d always were the strong one, just like her.”

“What do you think she’d do right now?” Emily asked.

“I think she would search this place top to bottom for Jasper. She’d go through hell to find him and kick the ass of anyone who got in her way. I’ll do the same if he’s not up here,” Ben said, running his hand through his hair.

The doors to the elevator opened, and a long white hallway stretched out in front of them. At the end were two doors. The way was empty, but Ben felt like they were being watched. Cautiously, Ben took Emily’s hand and moved forward. When they reached the end of the hallway, Ben put his hands around the handles and opened the door. The room was gigantic, with a glass box in the center. A figure stood in front of the box with a digital mask covering his face. It had a smiley face on it.

“Welcome, my friends,” King said in a robotic voice. “I’m King. If you didn’t know. Or rather,” He took the mask off. Revealing his actual smiling face. “My friends call me Lance. Emily. Benjamin. I’ve been waiting for you. So has he.” Lance moved out of the way so they could see what was in the box.

“Jasper,” Emily said, tears running down her face. 

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