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King of the World

By @Briannag288


Riley sped into the garage of the despatch center and skidded to a halt. The guards tried not to look surprised, but they were clearly scared when he whipped around the corner. 

“Alright, everyone out,” Riley said. “Take the elevator up to the top floor, and Taylor should be waiting for you. “

“Remind me never to request you ever,” Ben said, exiting the car. 

“Hey, don’t be mad. I got you here in record time.” Riley said, waiting for them to get out of his car. “See you later.” Riley nodded at them and sped out of the garage.

“He was cool,” Amber said. 

“I wouldn’t use that word,” Ben said, flashing his badge at the guards. The guards looked at each other then stepped aside. 

“This way, Mr. Jones,” One of them said, pressing the roof button. “Agent Williams is waiting for you.”

“Good, I got a few words for him,” Ben said, getting on the elevator. “Maybe a fist or two.”

“Can you not kill our only chance at getting to Jasper?” Emily asked.

“No promises,” Ben said, crossing his arms. When the elevator opened, Ben saw Taylor’s smiling face look back at him from the jet. 

“Yo, Jones! How was the ride?” Taylor laughed. He was speaking into a microphone.

“Just…fine,” Ben said, trying not to get mad. “Are we ready to go?”

“All set. Come on board,” Taylor laughed again.

Ben handed his bag to the guard and instructed the girls to do the same. The jet’s inside was just as nice as the outside: eight seats, four mini-bars, one giant monitor, and two exits. Ben sat in the seats farthest away from Taylor. 

“Don’t be like that, Ben. You could at least say thank you,” Taylor said, moving closer to Ben’s seat. “Hello, ladies. I’m Agent Taylor Willams. I’ve been working with Ben for a couple of years now. Taught him everything he knows.”

Ben scoffed. “And a professional liar.”

“I like professional truth exaggerator.” Taylor looked at Emily. “You must be the sister.”

“Emily. Thanks for helping us out,” Emily said.

“No problem. Saving people is what I do,” Taylor winked.

“I’m Amber Young. Family friend,” Amber said.

“Nice to meet you.” Taylor paused. “That name sounds familiar.”

“Remember that novel of a file I was reading last week?” Ben asked.

“OOOh, I remember,” Taylor said, smiling. “Nice.”

“Not nice,” Ben said.

“You’re file made me laugh. You keep busy, that’s for sure. I can admire that,” Taylor said.

“Someone has to put the lies out there. I’m just doing my duty,” Amber said, smiling.

“Excuse me, Agent?” A man asked, approaching them. “Are we ready to take off? If so, I need you to be in your seats.”

“Oh, my bad. This is Alan. He’s the pilot, if you didn’t already guess that. We should be there in no time,” Taylor said, walking back to his seat and buckling in. The rest of them did the same. “We’re ready when you are.”

“Oh, before I forget, this came for you, Agent Jones.” Alan handed Ben a note. “Just came through.”

Ben took the note with a concerned look on his face. “What’s this?”

“I don’t know, sir. It’s addressed to you. If you’ll excuse me,” Alan said, going back into the cockpit.

Ben opened the note and read it. “Dear, Mr. Jones. You and your sister, Emily Elizabeth Jones, have been invited to have an audience with The 4th King. You have been cleared to land when you arrive. Follow the guards to the meeting. We look forward to receiving you.”

“He knows we’re coming?” Emily asked.

“Seems so. Doesn’t surprise me. Why you too? How’d he know you were with me?” Ben asked. He looked at Taylor, who was on his phone. “Taylor, you know about this?”

Taylor looked up and squinted. “Oh, lucky! No, I had no idea. I’d give anything to meet King. It should make looking for your brother a little easier.

 Ben folded the note and put it in his jacket. The jet started to take off, and he had the slightest suspicion that this was a bad idea. He had no idea how right he was.

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