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King of the World

By @Briannag288

King's Plan

Lance shook Jasper a few times before realizing he’d passed out a while ago. He reached for some bandages and tended to Jasper’s wounds. As soon as he was finished, a blank masked guard came into the room and handed Lance a note.

“You’re allowed to speak,” Lance said. 

“Intruders on the residential floor, King.”

“How many?” Lance asked.

“Five including Queen Kate. All armed.”

Lance chuckled. “Took them long enough. Send everyone down there. Kill them all. Bring me their heads a proof. ” Lance thought for a moment. “Scratch that. Kill Kate and immobilize the rest. I’ll let Jasper decide what to do with them.”

“At once,” The blank masked guard bowed then left the room.

“Looks like we’re going to have to pick up the pace.” Lance grabbed another syringe. “I’ve never injected someone with this much so fast, but you seem to be taking it well.”

Jasper started to moan as the needle went into his arm. 

“Soon, Jazz. We’ll show the whole world what we can do. You’ll be glad you listen to me back during the first game. I saved your life for a reason. Once you’re complete, we can begin the final phase,” Lance smiled. “It’s almost over. Just hang in just a little while longer. My family broke me to make me how I am now. It’s their fault I’m like this. I won’t let your family hurt you like mine did. I know what we need to do. Your first execution will be those who doubted you. Who thought you weren’t good enough. Just like me.” Lance pressed a button on the side of his mask, and two blank-masked guards entered the room.

“Yes, my King?” They said in unison.

“Find Jasper’s family. Tell them that their King would like a word.”

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