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King of the World

By @Briannag288

The Rescue: Part One

Jason, Josh, Franklin, and Ronda made their way through the maze of underground tunnels. Jason led the group through some connected rooms to avoid guards and cameras. “Hold up,” Jason said, sticking his arm out and peeking around a corner. “That’s the entrance to King’s main building. Two guards.” Jason aimed at the light above the guards and fired. Then he rushed forward and shot the guards point-blank in their heads. He searched one and found a key card. “Done and done.”

“Did you have to kill them?” Franklin asked, refusing to look down at the bodies.

“They would’ve called for help. If you’re going to be this soft, then you might as well wait here. Once we get inside, there’s going to be a lot more of that.” Jason handed one of the guard’s guns to Ronda. “Here. A gun might be better. Definitely lighter. I’d leave the sword here.”

“It’s not that heavy anymore. I’m good,” Ronda said. “You’re really good at… doing that.”

“Thanks,” Jason said.

“Not a compliment,” Ronda said. “How did you get so good?”

“Training. I was in the guard before I became a knight. Lance asked me to be his knight while we were in or King of the World competition. I didn’t know at the time I would be signing up for being experimented on. All of us were. It changed us. After a few weeks, I was stronger and faster than before. My accuracy had increased. Suddenly, all my shots were dead center. I never miss my target. A small side effect was feeling great when I got my mark. That drug does something to your mind. I’ve been off of it for a while, so I guess that’s why I’m not as unstable as before.”

“Unstable?” Josh asked.

“The Punishment Game. When I killed that player. That was the last time I took it. Ever since then, I’ve been on withdrawals. When I realized what I’d done, that I lied to the woman I love, I couldn’t take this anymore. I need to get out. Then I saw Jasper and tried to get him out,” Jason said, scanning the ID and watched the door open. “This way, hurry.” Jason led them inside the main building. Most of the guards here were blank masks. None of them were moving, but Jason could tell they were alert. 

The main building was a giant tower, and they entered on the basement level. Jason stopped them again and waved his ID next to the loading bay. “There. My car’s over there. The black one.” Jason turned to them. “Last chance to stay behind.” When no one said anything, then he closed the door. They hurried over to the elevator and rode it up to the residential level. “Okay, to the left is Jessie’s and Damon’s rooms. Rose’s room is close to mine. You two go find their weapons. They have better ones they keep for “emergencies.” You’ll know them when you see them. We’ll meet back here in five minutes. If anyone sees you, make sure they don’t tell anyone else. Blank masks will kill on sight if given the order. Don’t test if they have. Shoot first and ask questions never. My moto. It’s kept me alive this long.”

“Be careful, guys,” Ronda said, smiling. “Try not to get hurt.”

“No promises,” Josh said. “You be careful too. Don’t be afraid to use that sword.”

“I’ll try,” Ronda said.

“Let’s move people,” Jason said, rolling his eyes. “Ronda, let’s move.”

“Alright,” Ronda nodded.

“How are we supposed to get into their rooms? We don’t have keys,” Franklin asked.

“There unlocked. Trust me. Those idiots never thought anyone would dare break into their rooms. Technically, it’s your room now. So, no harm done,” Jason said, turning away from Josh and Franklin. “See you guys soon.”

Josh and Franklin nodded, and they ran down the hallway. 

“Look for the doors with the clover and diamond symbols on them!” Jason shouted.

“Got it!” Franklin shouted back.

“Shouldn’t we keep quiet?” Ronda asked.

“Soundproof rooms,” Jason said. “Plus, no one’s allowed to be up here unless they’re either a knight or King. We do need to hurry, though. Look for the door with a heart. Should be three doors down from mine. Right there.” Jason pointed to Rose’s door. “She should have some gear in there. I’ll be right back. Yell if you need me. I don’t think you will, though. You look capable.”

“Thanks?” Ronda said, walking to Rose’s door and going inside. 

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