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King of the World

By @Briannag288

The Boy in the Glass Box: Part Two

Lance watched and listened as Jasper’s screams echoed around the room. He couldn’t see what Jasper was seeing, but he had an idea. In a way, he felt jealous. Lance crossed the room and took the mask off of Jasper. he saw the horror on his face and placed the mask on himself.

“Hmm, this has you so scared?” Lance asked, disappointed. “Then you’re really not going to like what comes next. Did you learn anything?”

Jasper was stunned. His voice trembled as he spoke, “How can you watch so carelessly? All those people…dead. So many deaths. So many ways. Different reasons but same outcome.”

A smile spread across Lance’s face. “Sounds like you did learn something. Good. Now that you’ve seen it. It’s time to feel it. Seeing is one thing but experiencing it truly connects us. A king must know the pains of his people.”

Jasper’s eyes widened as Lance picked up a dagger. “Most of those involved a gun, but I’ll be using a dagger inside. Hope that’s okay,” Lance smiled as he slashed Jasper’s face. “Do you feel it, Jazz? That stinging feeling. Imagine that but a hundred times more painful. Focus on it.” Lance wiped some of Jasper’s blood off of Jasper’s face. “You see this? That’s blood. You’re blood. This is you. How does it feel to lose a piece of you?”

“Just kill me,” Jasper said. 

“Such a downer,” Lance laughed. “No, that would be a colossal waste of time. No, Jazz, until you’re ready, I’m going to make you suffer. Truly suffer. Only then will I stop. I just realized. I never told you the rest of the story. Let’s start from the beginning. Now grit your teeth. This is gonna hurt.”

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