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King of the World

By @Briannag288


“I don’t have much time left. How much blood have I lost? Good thing I barely feel it anymore. Wait, no, that’s bad,” Josh thought. “I refuse to give him the satisfaction. I only got one chance.”

Damon leaned down and grabbed hold of one of the knives in Josh’s arm. “You are a trooper. I seriously thought you would’ve died by now. So much for–“

“Now!” Josh grabbed a knife from his and pulled it out. He aimed for Damon’s eye and hit his mark. 

“AAAGHHH!” Damon scrambled backward, holding his bleeding eye. “******* PIECE OF ****!”

Josh wasn’t done. He grabbed another knife from his shoulder and slashed at Damon’s throat. Damon moved out of the way. Just barely avoiding the blade. Josh saw another opening and stabbed Damon in the leg. “That’s for calling me eyepatch. It’s Joshua. Call me Josh.” Josh took the knife out of Damon’s leg and stabbed him in the heart. Again and again, until Damon fell and didn’t get back up, Josh nudged Damon’s body with his foot, and when he was sure Damon wouldn’t get back up, he sat back against the wall. Not before grabbing a piece of Damon’s shirt and wrapping it around his arm. “Guess I’m glad you were crazy. You could’ve killed me at any point. Cocky ******** like you deserve to go to hell.”

Josh looked around the room and saw a bundle of tape on a table. Josh stumbled over to it and wrapped the rest of his wounds. “It should be enough. Now to find the others. Those ******** better still be alive.” Josh took one step towards the door and nearly fell. “Well, that’s not good. Come on, Josh. You can do this.”

Suddenly, the door burst open, and three masked guards came in. Each of them had diamond logos on their masks. They looked in between Damon and him. “Tell King Damon’s dead,” One of them said. “You there, Joshua, right?”

“Depends, you want an ass-kicking too? I hear he’s good at giving those,” Josh laughed at his own joke. 

“Haha. Come with us. King ordered us to help the one that was still alive.” The remaining two bowed to him. “We’re here to serve you, my knight,” They said in unison.

“Um, aren’t you mad? I mean angry. Not mad like crazy,” Josh said.

“Why would we be? We were told to serve The Diamond Knight. You killed him. That’s you now.” They sat him down, and one of them took out a medical kit. “This is going to hurt.” 

“I’d rather be left to bleed out, but I need to make sure Jasper and Franklin are alright. I can’t do that If I’m dead. I probably should check on Lance too, but I’m sure he can handle himself,” Josh thought as he bit through the pain.

“I’m surprised you’re not dead,” The guard said, patching him up while the other stayed by the door—hand on his weapon. “Damon was an *******. He’d torture the unworthy until they were blue in the face. Literally.”

“I’m tougher than I look,” Josh said, biting his lip while the guard took out the last knife.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you say, boss. You really did a number on him. Better you than King. You should see what The Heart Knight’s doing to Spade. Brutal.”

“Where are they anyway?” Josh asked.

“Down the hall, I think.” The guard tore off the last bit of medical tape. “There you are. All good. He didn’t stab you that hard, so the wounds looked worse than they actually were. King’s dealing with the next King right now. Where do you want to go?”

“I can just choose?” Josh asked.

“Though I do suggest going to the medical ward. At least until King calls for you, either one, I guess.”

“Who’s the new king?” Josh asked.

“I think his name is Casper?” The guard said. “No, that doesn’t sound right.”

“Isn’t that the ghost?” The other guard asked.

“It’s Jasper. I want to go there. Take me there,” Josh said, walking towards the door. 

“Yes, my knight,” The guards said and led him down the hall.

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