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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Meanwhile: Part Seven

“He’s not picking up,” Emily said. “Ugh!”

“Em, calm down. It’s hard to work with you raging,” Ben said, typing away on his laptop. He’d been searching for information about King of the World with Amber. “Any luck, Amber?”

“Not really,” Amber said, defeated. “It’s just stuff we already know. King of the World was started over fifteen years ago. The first king, King Audreus, made the competition to help others out of tough spots. The second king, King Amanda, continued the competition but added the online element to it. She was my favorite. The third King, King Quincy, was an odd one. He didn’t last too long as king, but he left an impression. He introduced the selection process. Not just anyone was allowed to join anymore. So, what’s the 4th’s deal? No one knows much about him. He introduced the knights. Each king brings something to the table.”

“So, have the eliminations been this…brutal all the time?” Ben asked.

“No, I used to know a few participants, and they just came back. I haven’t heard anyone in this game coming back after they were kicked out,” Amber said. “Does that mean the 4th made that rule?”

“Those who get eliminated get eliminated. Killed,” Ben said, swallowing his anger. “And I told him he’d lose. I basically told him he was gonna die.”

“HE ISN’T DEAD YET!” Emily yelled. “You know him. He’s stubborn and hardheaded. He wouldn’t give up that easily. I’ve been looking at the app too. He’s still alive. Whatever’s happening right now, he’s not in it.”

“HOLY ****!” Amber yelled. 

“What?!” Ben asked.

 “Look at this,” Amber said, shoving her phone in his face. “Has everyone over there lost their ******* minds!”

Emily crossed the room and watched what she was showing Ben. She wished she hadn’t. Blood. Lots and lots of blood. Bodies lined the hallways. She was sure others were watching this too and thinking it was just a game. They weren’t fooled. Not anymore. Player’s were killing each other. Some even looked like they were enjoying it. 

“What the ***** wrong with them?” Ben asked. 

“They’re desperate. They know it’s not a game. They’re scared. Some probably lost their minds,” Emily said. “To think Jason had something to do with this.” 

 “So the weddings off?” Ben asked. 

“What do you think, idiot? How can you even joke at a time like this?”

“I’ve always been bad at stuff like this. I’m just trying not to lose it, too,” Ben said. “Wait! I just thought of something!” He grabbed her phone and plugged it into his laptop. “I can trace the feed. It’s live, right? With this, I can find them. It shouldn’t take long.” Ben smiled. “Hold on, Jaz. We’re coming.”

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