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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Meanwhile: Part Six

One hour ago

“Did they just…?” Emily asked before stopping herself. “Did Jason just…?”

“It’s a show, Em. They were just acting or whatever. Do you think they would actually murder people? The Guard would be on their asses in seconds,” Amber said. Hesitation in her voice. “Right?”

“Has to be,” Ben said. “If it’s not, then…Jasper’s in danger.”

“You guys are being ridiculous. I-I don’t want to think that it’s my fault he’s there. He’s fine. He has to be. It’s just a game. That’s all,” Amber said, shaking. 

“They didn’t look like they were acting. Those players looked scared. Really scared. That one girl looked terrified. I’ve seen scary movies, and that would win an oscar. That was real, guys,” Emily said, crossing the room and turning the tv off. “Even if they cheated, they didn’t deserve that.”

Ben looked towards her. “Then Jason is a murderer. You know that, right?” 

Emily turned around with tears in her eyes. She wiped them away and looked out the window. “I still want to hear his side.”

“Em,” Ben said.

“For all, we know that was fake. It has to be. Jason’s not a murderer. He’s kind, and he loves me. I refuse to believe he would kill someone. He just can’t,” Emily said, shaking her head.

“Em, come on. I get it. I’ve met him. But did you see his face? He looked like he was into it. Too into it. Then he looked into the camera and smiled. He actually looked ****** when that player insulted him. I know if someone said something about you I didn’t like, then I’d be that ****** too,” Ben said.

“I’ll call him,” Emily said, dialing Jason’s number. “Jai?”

“Hey, Em. Sorry, I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Works been busy. Oh! I just met Jasper. He’s not that bad,” Jason laughed. “I got good news. I’m coming home. Should be around midnight tomorrow. I’m bringing you a present. It’s about 6’1, looks like you, and has a smartass attitude. You get one guess.”

“Jasper?” Emily asked.

“Ha, yeah, you got it. It was the attitude bit, wasn’t it? I’m so excited to see you. I was thinking when I got back; we could all go for some food? The stuff they have here is nothing like back home.”

“Hey, Jai, I need to ask you something,” Emily said, trying not to sound scared.

“Shoot,” Jason said.

“We, um, just watched King of the World. That stuff’s all fake, right?” Emily asked.

Jason was quiet but answered, “Yeah, it’s fake. It’s all part of the show.”

“You wouldn’t lie to me. RIght, Jason?” Emily asked. She realized how much she sounded like their mother. It almost made her smile. 

“Love, of course, I wouldn’t. You mean the world to me. Why would I lie to you? Hey, I got to go—King’s calling. Love you,” Jason said, waiting for her to say it back. “I love you, Em.”

“Love you too,” Emily said, disconnecting. She turned to Ben and Amber.

“What did he say?” Ben asked, crossing the room.

“Jasper’s in danger. Jason lied to me,” Emily said, throwing her phone at the wall.

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