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King of the World

By @Briannag288

Meanwhile: Part Four

“HOLY CRAP! GUYS, OPEN THE DOOR!” Amber yelled as she pounded on the Jones’s hotel room. It was Ben who opened the door.

“You better be on fire,” Ben said, rubbing his eyes. 

“It’s Jasper! His game just started!” Amber said, shoving her phone in Ben’s face. 

Ben was instantly awake. “Already?! Em! Wake up!”

“Shhhh!” Emily said, putting a pillow over her ear. 

“EM! It’s Jasper!” Ben said, turning on the tv and putting in Jasper’s view code. The screen turned on, and they saw him. “Holy ****, what the hell’s going on?”

“They call it The Box Game. One person gets in the box while the other tries to open it. I’ve never heard of it. They give you a little description on the app. Looks like Jazzy is the one who has to open it. I don’t think I could do either. No way they’re putting me in a box. Glad the person in the box has air.” Amber looked at the tv. “Come on, Jazzy. You got this.”

“How’s he doing? Emily yawned.

“He’s just standing there, looking around the room. I’d just input something,” Ben said.

“Well, that’s dumb. He only has one chance to input something. I’d take my time too. Whoa! The dude in the box has white hair. And he’s kind of cute,” Amber said. “He came in first the last round. I wonder why he didn’t want to be the guesser? What kind of psycho wants to be in a box?”

“He must believe in Jasper,” Emily said. “That’s a lot of trust you have to put in someone.”

“Either that or he’s insane. I’m voting for the latter,” Ben said. He grabbed a notepad and started writing down the numbers he saw on the screens. 

“What are you doing?” Amber asked.

“Trying to solve it. It’s a three-code combo lock. The numbers on the screens cycle. Each one displays a different set of numbers at the same time. Screen one, the left one, shows odd numbers, 1,3,5,7 and 9. Screen two, the one in the middle, even numbers; 2,4,6,8. However, the left screen shows both. But it starts goes from 80 to 99. I feel like that’s important. ****, this is gonna be hard.”

“Jazzy can figure it out. He better,” Amber said.

“Because he’s your investment?” Emily asked.

“Not just that. He’d make me look bad if he didn’t—Jazzy’s smart. I used to catch him trying to solve these kinds of puzzles. He’s a nerd. A big one. Just like you, Ben.”

“Thanks? I’m smarter, though. Bet you I figure it out before he does.”

Amber smiled almost as if she could see the opportunity to beat him at something. “You’re on. I bet you three thousand credits he figures it out first.”

Ben cracked his knuckles. “Easiest money I’ll ever make.” And got to work.

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