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King of the World

By @Briannag288


Emily paced back and forth, not saying a word to Ben. “How could this happen? Where is he? Is he okay?”


“No one should’ve been able to steal the car. It’s controlled through the app. I would’ve gotten an alert.”


Emily’s head snapped in Ben’s direction. “What?”

Ben sighed and put his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure he’s fine.”

She brushed his hand off of her. “Like you care.”

“Excuse me?” Ben asked.

“You were chewing him out. If you two didn’t have that stupid fight…god,” Emily said, bursting into tears. “Jasper.”

Ben turned away from her as he spoke. “It’s not my fault that he walked out. I’ll agree the fight was stupid, but it’s not my fault he’s missing. I’m scared too. I don’t like him, but I don’t want anything to happen to him. Like it or not, I have to acknowledge he’s my brother. He’s family.” Ben went silent for a moment. “We should call Ronda and Amber.”

“I know,” Emily said. She grabbed her phone and left the room.

“****. Why are you always causing problems? You better be okay, Jas. Please be okay,” Ben said. He took out his phone and tried to call Jasper again. 

“You’ve reached Jasper. Leave a message, and I might get back to you. I don’t know,” The voicemail played.

“Even your voicemail is annoying,” Ben said as the door to the hotel room opened. “Any luck?”

“I called Amber, and she said she’s on her way here. I couldn’t get ahold of Ronda. I don’t get it.” She said, sitting beside Ben. “Why would someone want to take him? The only way the car would’ve moved is if I told it to. It’s impossible to steal. Jason made sure no one could take it unless I said it was okay.”

“Nothing’s completely foolproof. Someone could’ve hacked it. I’ve seen the app. It’s not really state-of-the-art if you ask me. But why go through all that trouble to kidnap one person?” Ben asked. “I might be able to figure it out, actually.” Ben hurried over to his bag and took out his laptop. 

“Really?” Emily asked. 

Ben smiled at the hope in her voice. He hated seeing her sad, especially if it was his fault. “Yeah, so don’t worry. We’ll find him. I promise.”

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