King Dill's Adventure

By @Books_and_Secrets
King Dill's Adventure

Sequel of The Pickle Who Wanted A War. King Dill goes on an adventure with a few companions into a jungle.

Chapter 1

King Dill was bored in the palace, no wars or enemies. He decided one day he needed to go somewhere. He went to the village outside his palace. A pickle came up to him.

“ You must go to the outer edge of the North side of the kingdom bring two pickles no more or they will be lost with you.” said the mysterious pickle.

King Dill was too surprised to react so he started planning for the journey. He called in Commander Zesty.

“ Yes, your majesty.” said Commander Zesty.

“ I am going to the edge of the North side of the kingdom, I will be gone for a few days. You will be in charge until I come back.” said Dill.

“ Yes, your majesty. I will not let you down.” said Zesty.

King Dill summoned Salt, Sweet, and Pepper Pickle. “ Okay, you three are going with me to the outer edge of the North side of the kingdom. We will be leaving tomorrow meet me in here at sunrise. Dismissed.” said King Dill.

The next morning, King Dill, Salt, Sweet, and Pepper Pickle set off for the North side of the kingdom on horseback. They rode on and on till they saw the jungle of the north.

“ So are we going through the jungle.” asked Pepper.

“ Yes, we’re going to the other side.” said King Dill.

They stopped in front of the entrance. “ We’ll leave the horses outside.” commanded King Dill.

They walked on foot into the jungle. The plants grew to blocked their way out.

“ Well no turning back now.” said Sweet.

They carefully walked on the invisible path.

The jungle sounded quiet too quiet. There was no animals or birds noises. Only the dead leaves that crunch under the pickles feet. They walked with caution deeper into the jungle.

They walked for what felt like hours through dense, thick jungle. They heard a sound a little rustle in the bushes. They kept on walking slowly taking out their swords.

From the bushes lept a green jaguar it jumped at Pepper and dragged him through the bushes screaming. They tried to follow where about the direction that Jaguar had just dragged Pepper. They ran a few miles off the path but they couldn’t see or hear the Jaguar and Pepper. They were lost in the middle of the jungle.

“ Where do we go now King Dill?” asked Salt.

“ We will turn around and go back to the path and keep following it.” said King Dill.

They turned around and walked for about ten hours but they didn’t see the path.

“ Okay, I don’t know but I’m pretty sure the path was supposed to be here.” said King Dill. 

“ So, what do we do now?” asked Sweet.

“ Here’s what we’re going to we’re going back this was a waste of time and we lost Pepper. So we will go towards the entrance that is South.” said King Dill confident that he would get out.

They got out the compass and turned South and started walking again.

After walking for about five hours of walking.

“ I think we should camp here tonight. At least I think that it’s night but I can’t see the stars.” said King Dill tiredly.

They set up camp where they were. They set up a fire and a tent.

They sat around the fire roasting sardines, telling stories.

“ Do you remember the war with the pickles that owned the jungle before the kingdom?” said King Dill.

“ No!” said Sweet and Salt at the same time.

“ Well before there were the wild pickles that ruled the jungles but we took and had a big war with them. And we won and most of the wild pickles died but they say that they still hunt the jungles that they once lived in. Okay, let’s go to bed.” said King Dill mysteriously.

They went to the tent and went to sleep. While they were sleeping a monster sneaked into the tent and stoll Sweet right out of her bed. The monster looked like a lion with a spiked tail but it had claws instead of paws. Sweet screamed till King Dill woke up and he slashed the monsters claw but the monster ran into the jungle. They tried to catch but they couldn’t and went back to the camp. They packed up quickly and were off again.

They ran from the camp and kept going till they couldn’t run anymore.

“ We should stop of a little while.” said Salt out of breath.

“ Okay, we’ll stop.” said Dill also out of breath.

They stopped for a few hours and drank some water.

“ So, now what do we do Pepper and Sweet are gone and I don’t think that we are able to help them.” said Salt.

“ We keep on going South and try not to die.” said Dill sad for their companions fates.

They got up and started walking with heavy hearts. After about four hours they stopped again.

“ Hey, what’s that house over there?” asked Salt.

“ I don’t know. I wonder if anyone lives there?” said Dill a little curious.

They walked a little closer than Salt stopped and said “ You don’t think that the wild pickle ghost live in there?”

“ I don’t think so Salt.” said Dill

They walk all the way to the door and knocked on the door.

Then the door swung open. They saw inside that there was a table and three chairs. They stepped inside carefully with swords out. The door swung shut behind them and they jumped.  

Two girl pickles came around the corner of the hall.

“ Hello, I’m Bread and this is my sister Butter. Who are you?” said the first pickle.

“ Hello Bread, I’m Dill and this is Salt. We got lost and saw your house. We knocked then the door swung open. So, we came in. Sorry if we interrupted you. We are just tired and hungry.” said Dill talking quickly.

“ It’s okay we have been expecting you. Why don’t you sit down though we didn’t think that Salt would be here so you’ll need to get an extra chair from the closet.” said Bread.

They went to the closet while the two pickles left to the kitchen. They opened the closet and saw a few chairs, a bed, and tables with cobwebs over everything. Dill took out a chair and shook off the webs. They sat down at the table while the two pickles came back with plates of sardines.

They ate in quiet. After they ate, they went to the sitting room while the two pickles cleaned up. The sitting room had different chairs and couches. Also had a few pictures of the two pickles.

They sat on a couch in the corner. The two pickles came in and sat across from them.

“ So, why did you come into the jungle with three pickles?” asked Bread.

“ Well I picked three companions to join me on this adventure. Wait, how did you know?” said Dill.

“ We watched you when you came into the jungle. But didn’t you get the warning before you came in?” said Butter.

“ No, what warning?” said Salt.

“ Well the one about how you can have only two pickles with you if you don’t want to get killed. Over course.” said Bread in a matter of fact tone.

“ Really, is that why some of our companions got separated from us?” asked Salt.

“ Yes. You must be tired. Let me show you your beds.” said Butter.

She led them up the stairs to where three beds were sent up. She pulled a fourth bed out of the wall. She left them to get settled. They both got into their beds and went to sleep.

While they slept the two pickles got breakfast ready and went to sleep also.

When Dill and Salt got up, Bread and Butter were still sleeping. So they went downstairs and ate breakfast that was laid out on the table. 

After they ate the two pickles came down and ate their breakfast and cleaned the dishes.

They went out of the house.

“ Goodbye, Dill and Salt. If you need anything face West and yell ‘Help’ and we will come.” said Bread and Butter.

“ Goodbye, Bread and Butter.” said Salt and Dill.

Dill and Salt back going South towards the entrance. After about ten hours Dill and Salt stopped and sat down.

One minute Salt was sitting next to Dill the next he was gone. The monster, a monkey with sharp teeth took Salt. And brought him all the way to the top of the tree. Salt screamed but by the time Dill looked he was gone.

Dill got up and ran. He ran until he couldn’t run anymore. He stopped, got out his compass and found West.

“ Help.” yelled Dill.

From behind two trees Bread and Butter stepped into view.

“ Wow, that was quick. I thought you would wait a few hours but an hour works.” said Butter.

“ Can you help me get back home?” asked Dill.

“ Of course we can help you. Follow us.” said Bread.

They went East for a few hours then South for about five hours. Then they saw the vined entrance.

“ I think you can make it from here.” said Butter.

“ Thank you, I don’t think I would be getting out without your help.” said Dill gratefully.

“ Your welcome.” said Bread and Butter.

Dill went through the entrance and took his horse. He didn’t stop till he got back safe and sound into his castle.

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