By @lexie


By @lexie

This story is teaching adults and kids about kindness.

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Chapter 2

The Movie Theater

I was sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring. It felt I have been in here for 1 hour. In reality, I have only been in here for 25 minutes. After this class, I need to get dressed and head to work. RING. The bell shrieked. I jumped out of my seat. I speed walk to my locker and I grab my clothes and I run to the bathroom. While I run I make sure I have everything so I can go straight to my car. I get to the bathroom with a long line for the dressing areas I go into a stall and come out. I shove people while saying sorry. I get to my car. My car isn’t starting. I sit on the front of my car. A boy on the school’s football team comes and assists me. 

“Looks like you are skipping class or it is a car problem.” He looks at me,

“Car will not start. I need to get to work in 20 minutes or I will be late.” I say in a desperate voice,

He looks at my car and he tells me that my battery is dead.

He pulls me with him to his car opens the door for me and we are off. 

“ Where do you need to go?” 

“ I need to go to the movie theater. I work there and would you like to see a movie with me? What is your name?” I ask 

“OK Movie theater. Sure on seeing a movie with you. How about tonight? My name is Codey” 

I nod to him. 

“I need to be picked up at 12:00.” 

I rush inside and I make fresh popcorn and I refill all of the snack stands. I finish my shift and I am outside and I see Codey over in the workers parking spots. I jump in the car with relief. 

“Long day so far?” He jokes

I stare at him with a face saying yes and I am ready to go finish my day. We stop at a store and he buys me parts for my car. I try to pay him back but he refused. He gets out of the car. I hurry and put the money in his sun visor where he can see it. I get out and lead him to my car. I fell noticed right now. We walk into school together and we both spot the principal waiting for both of us. We go to him and we explain everything. He gives us a pass to get into the class, We end the day in the same class and I go home and get ready for going to the movie theater.

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